Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March Daybook Post - 2018

I have had so little time to sit down and blog, but I really do want to keep our memories in a place that allows the kids to go back and reminisce about all the events that have taken place in their lives.  So hold on!  This post is chuck full!

Outside my window ~

Dark clouds and the long, low rumbling of thunder in the distance...  I love spring mornings that promise rainfall.

I am thankful for ~


We remembered Miss Clementine's Baptism birthday.  Since she is always admiring my Rosary purse at Mass, we gave her one of her very own.  She loved it!

I celebrated my 49th birthday on March 4.  I really felt the love from my family and friends this year.  I wrote out so many thank you notes out that I ended up cracking open the Christmas-themed thank you cards.

Miss Ester celebrated #17!

She had asked for a turntable and the Eagle's Greatest Hits.  (I think we are raising her right ;)   A friend (who happens to also teach her piano lessons) bought her a ticket to the Dallas Symphony to listen to a French pianist.  She LOVED the experience!

From the school room ~

* After a really difficult adjustment period of seven weeks, Stan the man has finally leveled out.  David helps him with all of his school work in the evenings.  I had to completely step away since I had no intention of juggling home school AND government school.  They have found their rhythm, and we look forward to Stan continuing to bloom where he is now planted.

* Sarah arrived home for spring break earlier in March.  She announced that she won amazing scholarship to study abroad in May of 2019.  With the English/History department, she will be studying abroad in the following Baltic states:  Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, as well as Poland and Germany.

* Miss Mabel enjoyed having her nursing-student sister help her with some Biology labs!  Sarah helped Mable test for her blood type.

* What a surreal experience to visit tulip fields in Texas!  This Dutch, family-owned business is on its fourth year in North Texas.  I arranged for our home school group to take a field trip.  Talk about breathtaking views of flowers!!  (And boy oh boy!  The phone camera doesn't do it justice.)

From the kitchen ~

Miss Mabel baked delicious cupcakes for St. Patrick's day!

What I've been reading ~

We added this cute book to our bin of Irish books.

I recently read these and highly recommend them to you!

I have a goal to read 2 books a month and am on track!

Around the house ~

* Just a little bit of Irish arts & craft this year::

* While on spring break, Sarah and I went to hear a Holocaust survivor talk.  She had written a research paper on the subject, so we thought this was a good way to wrap it up.

* David and Stan the man went on a surf fishing trip over spring break.  They put SO much time and effort into preparing and studying up.  As you can see, all the hard work paid off!

I am praying for ~

a fruitful Holy Week!

Coming down the pike this week ~

Thursday - I drive down to pick Sarah up at school.

Friday - Good Friday

Saturday - Holy Saturday and Ester and I have concert tickets for a performance in Fort Worth.

Sunday - Easter Sunday!  

A last photo to share ~

After months of consideration, Miss Ester re-homed her sweet mare, Penny.  

Penny is in good hands.  She was taken to a petty zoo and is making friends with all the other animals.  Ester is doing pretty good.  She had plenty of time to come to this decision and now she waves money for her first car ;)

So much in this post!  I just want to make sure I document all the life experiences since the kids enjoy looking back every now and then.  

My final thoughts and prayers are that you and your families have a fruitful Holy Week!  

~  Patty  ~


  1. Wow, you are right...there is so much in this post! Thank you for giving us a little window into your sweet life. Happy birthday!

  2. What a great catch-up post with all the latest happenings! :o) I love seeing it all. As you can tell by my lack of posting, I am busy too (one word: school!) but I still love reading the latest and hopefully I can post some soon as well. Happy (belated) birthday! :o) Becky in OR

  3. So glad that Stan is adjusting to school. Funny... I've never heard school referred to as 'government school' Wishing you a happy Easter!

  4. I forgot to say... THANK YOU for sharing your book recommendations! I'm so tired at night but wanting to read more. And you sharing your goal of 2 per month has really gotten me back into reading! These three look so so good!


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