Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Recap - Daybook Post

 Outside my window ~

The sun was lost for a week!  We had 6" of rain this week (almost 4" in one day).

Today was glorious however!  We had warm sunshine that just soaked into your clothes, right down to your skin.

I am thankful for ~ 

* a wonderful visit with my mom (A post on this is coming soon!)

* Lent (I use to dislike it as a child, but I've grown to really embrace it as an adult.)

* my husband and children

From the school room ~

Earlier in the month, Miss Clementine took a field trip to the zoo.  It was SO much fun!

From the kitchen ~

With a Russian tip that Miss Mabel received from her godmother, she made some pretty brownie bites for St. Valentine's Day :)

What I read ~


The plot was a little slow at first, but wow!  It keeps pulling you in and gets better and better and better.  The end is such a shock!

We added these new books to our Winter Book Bin.

Then we added this super sweet book to our St. Valentine book bin!

And just this past week, we pulled out our St. Patrick's Day and March Weather Book Bin.

Around the house ~

* A couple of weeks ago, Miss Mabel and I drove down to visit Sarah at school for the day.  (Sarah doesn't have classes on Fridays.)

We went into Austin for a couple of hours, taking in the sites, sipping on some of the famous Jo's coffee and hot cocoa, and then to take a walk around Lady Bird Lake.

After lunch, we hung out at Sarah's favorite coffee shop back in Belton.

It had so much character!

* Earlier in February, Miss Ester had another scoliosis check-up.  Her curves are holding steady; last year's x-ray looks exactly like this year's.

**She's been out of her brace for 1 1/2 years, and the point of bracing was to stop the curves from worsening and needing back surgery.  The only way to correct scoliosis is with surgery if curves progress far enough - so this is what her spine will look like the rest of her life.**

* David and I went on a recent date night; Confession then dinner, his idea.  (Does anyone else go to Confession before going on a long-distant trip??)

* DCYC.  Miss Ester and Mabel attended DCYC this weekend.  I love how they LOVE their faith!

(Photo credit: Anna, a mom-friend who snapped this before the youth left for DCYC on Friday.)

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* our priests

* my family and all of their personal intentions

* for those who have asked me to pray for them

I am listening to ~

the electric percolator in the kitchen.  Nothing like a fresh cup of Jo in the morning.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - DCYC ends

Sunday - Miss Ester and David go to the American Rodeo (Miss Ester's Christmas gift).

Thursday - Ice Skating lessons

Friday - Little Flowers

A last photo to share ~

Remember all the rain I mentioned at the beginning of the post??  We found a small hole in the roof.

Y'all, this isn't even the worst of it!  The ceiling and 3' of wall on both sides including the floor has to be replaced.  BUT! The roofing company has been awesome to work with and will be here Monday to start clean up and repair.


As we prepare for March to come in like a lion, I count down the days till it goes out like a lamb!

~ Patty ~


  1. Wow, you have had your ups and downs this month, and I admire your cheerfulness through the difficult moments. Those brownie bites are amazing... bakery quality! Wow, I am so glad that the brace stopped the curving...that is difficult enough to manage. Love to you all.

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