Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our Snowy Day

The weathermen were talking about it for days and days in advance.  I was receiving weather alerts five days out on my phone.  The day before, I ran to the store to stock up on coffee, deodorant, and Cottonelle flushable wipes!

The clouds blew in.  The temperature plummeted quickly.  Shortly after dinner I heard a bit of freezing rain pinging against the window.  I had a little one who went to bed hoping and praying for snow.

This is what we woke up to ::

While reading books on snow, I remembered that I had some painted snowflakes artwork that the older kids painted way back when.  As I was hanging them up on the bulletin board by Miss Clementine's desk, we decided that she, too, should have one on the wall!  So off the the craft store I went.

While the paint dried, we gave her little finger nails a snowy effect ;)

Then it was time for some, "Frozen", while we continued to wait for the painted snowflake to dry.

Ta Da!  Just like her big brother and sisters' painted snowflakes.  She was SO excited to do this art project!

All of this activity called for a special snack.  I found these cute chocolates right after Christmas and hid them away for a special, snowy day :)


At the end of the day, after waiting and waiting for what seemed like forEVER, we pulled out the snowballs for a friendly fight.  (My mom sent these to us a couple of winters ago - so much fun!)

And I am now exhausted!  I don't have the energy in me that I use to, but how I love having a little one in the house that brings so much joy!

Happy winter days, friends!



  1. Bummer on the "no snow" day! I'm sure all the fun things you did more than made up for it :)

  2. You made that day soooo much fun!
    Real snow or not!!!
    Her smile says it all. : )

  3. Love the craft and the glittery nail polish and saving the frosty chocolates. I can send you some of our snow if she'd like... HA


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