Saturday, January 13, 2018

Little Flowers Class - St. Katharine Drexel

I had to teach one of the Little Flowers classes earlier this month.  This group of girls (age 8-12, in wreath 2) is SO SWEET!

The saint they studied was St. Katharine Drexel.  While the girls colored the coloring page of St. Katharine that came in their books, I had them listen to her beautiful story using my Glory Stories CD.

The next item was crafting!

The virtue was generosity (St. Katharine was incredibly unselfish with her family's wealth).  I found a craft online (teachers pay teachers)  that encouraged generosity in giving compliments.

Each girl cut out, decorated, and wrote a sweet compliment (gift) to each member of the group.  When they received their presents, they glued them onto the paper.  Each girl took home a sheet full of compliment presents.

I cannot tell you much they truly enjoyed being so "generous" with their compliments for one another!!

The other craft was making a daisy bracelet out of fun beads I brought with me.  We chose daisy bracelets since the flower for this saint is the daisy.  (I'm not sure why though??)

As the group leader for the night, I had to supply the snack to my group.  I had Miss Mabel and a friend make these daisy cupcakes, and they turned out adorable I think!  I heard no complaints from the little ones ;)

I have to teach the younger group in February (Miss Clementine's group).  She is so excited to have her mama teach ;)

I love the virtues the girls learn and the crafting is fun to gather ideas for, especially with the help of Pinterest!  (I'd be lost without Pinterest!)

St. Katharine Drexel, pray for us!



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    1. Thanks, Monique~ I bought the edible daisy flowers on Amazon (they're Wilton). This image was on the packaging so we went with it. Why try to rethink the wheel?!


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