Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

Oh my gosh!  I just love having a little one in the house who keeps the magic alive ;)

Miss Clementine was up by 5:45 am.  She was so excited to see what Santa had brought and that he had eaten a couple of cookies and drank the milk that was left out!

We tried letting the big kids sleep another half hour before my little one's patience ran out.

So it was onto opening all the gifts Santa left as well as the love that Mom and Dad packaged up to the kids, and gifts from Grammy.

By the time it was all over, baby girl was running a yucky temperature and ended up falling asleep in her new tepee.  Poor thing :(

While the rest were looking at their new treasures or taking a nap, I made some pancakes and bacon.  All the fruit and whip cream that was suppose to go with them??  Forgot about due to my medicine-induced, brain fog.  Oh well.

At some point, Miss Clementine got dressed and played with a few of her new toys.

But exhaustion took over and I eventually found her like this ::

I put together a vegetable tray to tide us over until Christmas dinner was served.  For dinner we had a Christmas ham, sweet potato casserole, bean casserole, and a new recipe, cream corn casserole.  (It was good, and I will post it later!!)

As for dessert, all I could muster was mini-cheesecakes (which we had made the day before).

You know what stunk for me?  No smelling or tasting anything Christmas.  I kind of wish I could get a do-over with the food ;)

Even with all the illness, it was still a wonderful Christmas Day!

And since then, we have been living slowly in between then and now, celebrating the 12 days of Christmas (the decorations come down this Sunday, Epiphany Sunday).

We are starting to return to the land of living; I'm keeping reality from seeping in at an unhurried pace.

Joy to the world!  Our Lord has come!

~ Patty ~


  1. Patty,
    Despite the sickness, you created a wonderful and blessed Christmas for your family.
    Love the coziness of you all snuggled together for the day.
    And how precious is your baby??
    I hope you are all enjoying your college girl being home too!

  2. What a beautiful Christmas you had! Sorry that illness struck. We didn't get sick until after we got back home from our third Christmas. We are still under the weather.

  3. So sorry about the illness in your house that day. But is sure looks like it was a wonderful Christmas for all of you. Love those sweet pictures of her napping! Do the do-over with the food!

  4. Why does it seem to happen like that...I think it's b/c of all of the hustle and bustle from Thanksgiving to Christmas that our immune systems say "no more!"...and it just happens to be 12/25. Still, your home looked beautiful and wonderful memories were made! Happy New Year, Patty!


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