Saturday, January 27, 2018

Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses!

How can it be?!  Our sweet and sassy Texan turned 6 years old! 

Her brother gave her a unicorn puzzle.  Miss Ester bought her some unicorn pajamas.  That adorable, unicorn wallet was given to her from Miss Mabel.  Mommy and Daddy gave her the unicorn purse and necklace as well as some new doll furniture and play food.

And since it wasn't a birthday party year, she invited just one friend to help her celebrate her day. :)

Miss Clementine LOVES Cheddar's and that was her choice for a birthday lunch.  (We were unable to go out for dinner since Stan the man had a basketball game that night.)  Her favorite parts of the restaurant are the large fish tank and the huge, "fancy ceiling fan".

Back at home, we played a fun game of pin the horn on the unicorn (and her friend was in a fit of giggles when David played with them).

She had such a fun day! 

(Unicorn birthday supplies came from Target except for the cupcake toppers which I found on Etsy.)

At the end of the day, she put on her new nightgown from Grammy and snuggled with her new doll (from Grammy as well), Ruby.

Happy birthday, sweetie pie!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much (southern sass and all)!



  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!!!
    Patty, you always throw the best parties.
    She is so very precious...
    And such a blessing to your entire family.

  2. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
    (I can't believe that she is 6! How long have I known you guys? I remember that I knew you before you became pregnant!)

  3. So so cute! Happy birthday to your baby girl! PS How's school going for Stan?


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