Sunday, November 12, 2017

St. Martin's Day - Feast of St. Martin de Tours - Martinmas - Veteran's Day

We just celebrated Veteran's Day yesterday, November 11.  It is also known as St. Martin's Day or Martinmas, or Feast of St. Martin de Tours.  Did you know that November 11 was chosen for a particular reason to honor our country's veteran's?  It has so much to do with this man, St. Martin de Tours. 

I put this on my Face Book page yesterday :: 

I've grown to ❤️ the story of St. Martin de Tours. Martin was born to pagan parents and at the young age of 10, he was called to the Gospel and became a Christian. At 15, he was forced to enter the Roman army. On a very cold day, this handsome soldier came across a poor beggar who would surely freeze to death. Martin tore his cloak in half, giving a piece to the beggar. That night, back at encampment and sleeping by a fire, Martin dreamt. The beggar was actually the Lord, who came to thank Martin. Martin was so moved that he gave up being a soldier and became a monk. This was not an easy thing to do, but he prevailed and led many to Christ in his journey. In Europe, farmers traditionally celebrate the end of harvest on Nov. 11, St. Martin's day. On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, the Armistice was signed ending World War I. On that day, St. Martin's Day, soldiers around the world put down their weapons and prayed for peace. St. Martin is the patron of the poor, soldiers, conscientious objectors, and tailors. It's incredibly poignant that Veteran's Day was established on St. Martin's Day. 

I purchased this book to add to our book collection earlier this fall ::

And this is the third year that I wrapped up something for each child; something that is warm and NEEDED. 

The items are typically a new pair of winter pajamas, gloves, scarf, robe, etc.  Something that they definitely need. 

My children have always been so generous when it comes to helping the needy that I love to reciprocate the love back to them.

St. Martin de Tours,  pray for us!

~ Patty ~

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