Monday, October 23, 2017

October Fall - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

This is the "pine cone" to a Bald Cypress tree.  It's the closest thing to the northern pine cone that we have in Texas.  Isn't it a fascinating little nugget?!

The needles of the Bald Cypress will turn red and drop.  They are gorgeous when red! 

I am thankful for ~

So many things!! 

* Cooler weather (80's during the day and then it drops to 50's at night)
* Girls weekend (when the boys are at their Troops of St. George camp outs)
* Meeting a new baby (who is also our soon-to-be godchild)
* Wine
* Coffee
* Rosary

From the school room ~

Last week we were on a fall break. 

Today, we begin quarter 2! 

In the first quarter, the big girls had read and written upon some great books. 

Miss Mabel read and had to write an analytical essay on as well as be tested on ::

Both were made into movies, so we watched them as well.  (Note:  Disney really changed the movie adaptation of The Light in the Forest.)

Miss Ester read and wrote an analytical essay on and was tested on ::

This next quarter will prove to have some great books as well! 

From the kitchen ~

Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies (recipe to come soon)

What I am reading ~

Actually!  I just started  a Christmas shopping challenge that is guaranteed to make me "Shop Till I Drop on my Knees and Pray" by Advent. 


Because I dream of being done with EVERYTHING by Advent, who doesn't it?!, I was game.

It begins six weeks before the first Sunday in Advent (yesterday) and in brief, this is the challenge ::

That's the skinny.

If you subscribe to their website, facebook page, or follow CatholicSistas on Instagram, you will get the in-depth, weekly challenge delivered to your social media. 

Y'all, it even covers meal planning - way ahead of time - including any special feast days one celebrates during Advent. 

Around the house ~

Last week, Miss Clementine and I joined a bunch of other home school friends on a really amazing field trip to the Backland Prairie and Raptor Center

Talk about a super cool way to finish studying the letter R - Raptors galore!!

I am praying for ~

* a smooth second quarter here at home

* an excellent rest of the semester for Sarah at college

* a safe, upcoming trip for myself (I fly to KC on Friday to meet up with my sisters and mom for a girls' weekend!)

* an end to abortion

I am listening to ~

my kids in the kitchen as they prepare a lunch for themselves ;)

Coming down the pike this week ~

With cross country and ice skating lessons finished now, the weeks leading up to the end of the semester "should be" easier.

Tuesday - Stan the man gets his braces on

Wednesday - My dear MIL celebrates her birthday

Thursday - Sarah turns 18!!  (She a very young, college freshman)

Friday - I leave for KC for a girls' weekend

A last photo to share ~

David sent me this image from Saturday.  They were at a Troops of St. George camp out, and the priests came out to hear confessions and celebrate Mass in the Latin form. 

I love that this is for men and sons (only), Catholic ones who are striving to grow in faith and virtues together. 

Have a wonderful and blessed week!



  1. Patty,
    So much to love here.
    Where do I begin?
    You already know you inspire me in my daily prayer life, right?
    Because. You do.
    And the photo you shared from your husband?
    Beautiful in so many ways.
    I hope you get some cool fall days.
    And have an amazing weekend with your family!!!!!

  2. So much fall goodness! Glad I had a couple minutes to sit down and check in. It looks like your life is full and you're enjoying some wonderful fun. I so enjoy when you show the Troops photos. What a blessing that must be for your guys! Sounds like a fun trip to spend a girls weekend away. Enjoy!


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