Friday, October 13, 2017

Seed to Pumpkin Fun!

Oh man.  The stars and moon must have been all aligned just right because I pulled off a fantastic, last minute, holy-crap-I-have-all-the-material, lesson on pumpkins - the day before we went to the pumpkin patch.

Rock star moment (which will most likely never happy again, dude).

I pulled out a fall book bin and came across this book (which I totally forgot we had) ::

And then we read and learned how pumpkins grow.  At the end of the book there was a science project.  You know, the celery in colored water (watch the water go up the tubes??).  Low and behold, I had celery in my fridge.

So mama acted like she was all together and presented this cool science experiment ::

Rock star status.

We observed how the colored water traveled up the tubes of celery (demonstrating how roots underground bring water up to the top of the plant above ground).

The next day was our field trip to the pumpkin patch.

It was an awesome way to cap off the lesson.

And wouldn't you know it, we even found some buds that would soon turn into pumpkins.  You know, just like the pictures in the book!

Rock star.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

Catching up here a bit...

Late in September, I organized a field trip for Clementine and friends to visit a local pumpkin patch.  We have been there before, but this time it was a 'field trip', you know, BIG kid business ;)

There was a petting zoo, hay maze, hay ride, pumpkin patch, and a little cafe to grab a snack afterward.  Oh!  And so many little friends to share the experience with.

(Oh my gosh, these little bitties in pre-k and Kinder are so stinkin' cute!  I love this age!)

Next field trip is coming up.  We will be going to visit a Raptor Center.  Should be interesting!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feast of the Guardian Angels (Books and Snack)

~ In heaven, the angels see, love, and adore God. Angels help us by praying for us, acting as messengers from God to us, and by serving us as our guardian angels. ~ (Baltimore Catechism)

The Feast of the Guardian Angels is celebrated on October 2.

When I realized the other day what day it was, I quickly pulled out these books to read aloud to Miss Clementine and the DVD for her to watch.  

Then we decided to make angel food cake (with sprinkles)  to celebrate :).

I didn't have any of it planned.  We made a quick trip to the store for a boxed mix, whip cream in a can, and frozen strawberries in juice.  Wa-la!  It was a successful feast day celebration!

I am so grateful for our Guardian Angels!


Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Nerf War Birthday Party

Our Stan the man turns 12 this Wednesday which means it is his year for a BIG birthday party!  We actually celebrated it a couple of weeks ago at a local park with a Nerf War theme for 16 tween boys. Oh my goodness!

It was a huge success :)

With that many boys (and wanting to avoid a Lord of the Flies craziness),  we supplied the Nerf guns and tons of bullets, eye protection (in case any parent was concerned), and handkerchief for the boys.

Stan used some, old pallets (two per team), and we had an ammo refill station for each team, (Team Orange and Team Blue).

After playing a few games of war, they also had Capture the Flag, hiking in the woods on the park trails, and a couple of ladders set up for target practice.

We served hot dogs, chips, and water & blue Gatorade for dinner.

We used a local bakery for the cake.

The entire party was a blast (excuse the pun)!  All the boys enjoyed themselves, (we heard a ton of positive feedback from parents).

The best part for me??  I left.  Ha!  David made a special meal for all the dads who ended up staying, so it was definitely a guys' party ;)

(PS - I got all the ideas off of Pinterest!)

Happy, happy birthday to our little man!!!  Wishing you abundant blessings throughout the year.  We love you!!

Dad & Mom


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