Sunday, September 3, 2017

It's Been a Long Time - Daybook Post

Let's see if I remember how to write one of these...

Outside my window ~

We were not effected from Hurricane Harvey.  We did have the cloud coverage, cool breezes, and intermittent rainfall, but our prayers.  So many prayers go to all of those effected by this horrible, catastrophic storm.

I am thankful for ~

1.  Sarah's safety as well.  She is located north of Austin and only had heavy rainfall, (not catastrophic rainfall).

2.  All of the compassion, love, kindness, generosity that Texans (and others) displayed during this incredibly devastating storm.  Why doesn't the news broadcast this?  #TexasStrong

From the school room ~

Miss Clementine is enjoying Kindergarten!

And kindergarten science is about to get exciting!

Stan the man read and wrote three of his four mandatory book reports over the summer.  For each book report he sent into Seton, I bought him a new book for his own collection at home.

From the kitchen ~

For Sunday dinner, we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, and slaw.  For dessert, Miss Mabel made oatmeal, chocolate chip bars.

Full bellies = happy folks!!

What I am reading ~

Around the house ~

Her little world!

I am thinking about ~

plans for tomorrow!  Trim the bushes.  Mow the lawn.  Work on finalizing plans for an upcoming birthday party.  Counting down the days till we go visit Sarah!

I am praying for ~

all the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Amen.

What I am listening to ~

Ramblin' Man (The Allman Brothers Band - on my playlist)

Coming down the pike this week ~

Tuesday - Miss Ester has cross country practice

(Miss Ester with some of her team mates.  Photo credit: K. W.)

Thursday - XC practice again.

Thursday - Ice Skating lessons for Miss Mabel and Miss Clementine!

Saturday - TSG recruiting event (for Stan the man)

Saturday - XC meet for Miss Ester

A final photo to share ~

Actually a few from the eclipse ::

Miss Ester and Mabel melted a candle onto a piece of glass and then blackened it.

They held it out and could see the eclipse image on the blackened glass.

Isn't that a cool idea?!  I think they found it on Pinterest.

Now that we have finally found a new school year groove, I'm hoping to catch up on my blog reading and keep updating here.  Have a great week!



  1. Cool eclipse project! Sounds like you are a very busy lady!

  2. Love these peek into your home posts, Patty.
    So glad you and your daughter are safe and sound, and continue to pray for your fellow Texans.
    I miss Kindergarten!
    And your kids are doing awesome!
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm so glad to hear all of you are in safe territory.
    The kids are getting so big. Stan looks completely different to me in that picture-so grown up! Sounds like he worked like a champ in the summer to get a lot of work done.
    The eclipse project looks so cool. Great idea.
    So good to see all of your updates in these posts.


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