Saturday, September 30, 2017

Family Weekend in the Land of Cotton!

Last weekend we traveled down to Belton, Texas for family weekend at University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.  I was SO SO SO happy to hug my girl's neck!  And to have all of my kids together under one roof was amazing!  (Insert Mama's beating heart)

I teased Sarah telling her that we'd all be outside the classroom door when she finished up.  Sarah responded, "That's what I am afraid of!"  Ha ha!

Well, we didn't embarrass her, but we did not hesitate to pass out the hugs when we finally saw her!  We headed out for lunch downtown, historic Belton.

She had to work a few hours in the late afternoon - (the girl got a job as a lifeguard at the university's pool).  Then we met back up with her for the pep rally.

Little sister was so excited to watch the cheerleaders warming up and then had the chance to meet a "real, life cheerleader", a friend of Sarah's.

Friday night, Miss Mabel stayed with Sarah in the dorm room, and then on Saturday night, Miss Ester stayed with her.  It was a neat experience for them to stay overnight in a college dorm with college kids.

The dorms are not co-ed.  In fact, it is SO strict, that men, (including visiting dads and sons), had a limited time frame during the day that they could actually go inside to see the dorm rooms. Otherwise, they stayed on the big veranda porch or inside the air conditioned lobby.

Saturday morning, Sarah drove the girls and I into Killeen (this is where Fort Hood is located) for some retail therapy. :)  Then I dropped the three older girls back off at the dorm to "get ready" for the big football game!

It was SO hot - about 100 degrees last weekend.

But the shade was inviting.

The main street / plaza area of camps was closed off and family activities were set up to the theme, "hometown heroes".

It was so much fun meeting a handful of Sarah's friends in person!!

UMHB football is Div III National Champs and they won the game, 50-7.  :()

However, my favorite part of the entire weekend was attending Mass together as a whole family again.

We left Sarah about 2:30 in the afternoon and headed back home.  It's only a three hour drive.

She says she misses "home" and her bed, so I'll go down to pick her up for a weekend in a couple of weeks.

After that, we won't see her again until Thanksgiving.

She is doing well, adjusting to college life nicely.  She is studying hard and earning some great grades.   We are so proud of her!

Had to share this photo of all the cotton that is almost ready to be picked.  There's SO much cotton this year (we had a wet summer) and it looks like snow when driving along the interstate.

I live "in the land of cotton" and it is so beautiful!


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  1. Wow,chat an exciting time! Love the cotton picture. I have never seen it like that.


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