Friday, August 11, 2017

First Day of School 2017

This week we officially kicked off our new school year.  But dang! I have staggered start times for the first time and I'm feeling really discombobulated.

Left to right::

Stan the man, who is in 6th grade now, has dabbled with reading and math all summer, but went full time on Monday, still enrolled with Seton.

**Stan will not have school next week since he will be coming with us to take Sarah to college.**

Miss Mabel, who is in 9th grade, has been dabbling in keyboarding all summer to complete that credit hour.  She has an exciting year ahead, and looks forward to an online Spanish class with Homeschool Connections!  The rest of her courses are through Seton.

**Miss Mabel will only toyed with classes this week to get a feel.  She goes full time next Monday.**

Miss Clementine!  Can you believe she is a Kindergartner!?  She is the MOST excited ;)  She actually was so excited for school she started back in July when her books first arrived.  And boy oh boy!  I forgot how absolutely darling those Seton, Catholic kinder books are.

Miss Ester, a big 11th grader this year, has some fun changes added to her routine.  She has joined the homeschool association's Cross Country team!  Woot!  She will be temporarily cutting way back on her work hours to handle the change.  She is also taking an online Spanish and Chemistry course this year through Homeschool Connections.  Otherwise, she is still fully enrolled in Seton.

**Miss Ester doesn't start full time until Monday.**

God-willing, we will have a successful 14th year of homeschooling!



  1. Happy Happy Happy new school year to you and yours!!!!!
    I know it will be fruitful and fun.
    And...your Miss Clementine's dress????
    Miss Flynn just received the exact same one yesterday!!!!!
    Great minds, right???


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