Saturday, August 19, 2017

College Bound Daughter

My first born has spread her wings this past week.

This is what they are meant to do.  But dang! It hurts.

We made a lot of memories leading up to the big day, however I'll have to save that for another time.  It is still hard to put into words what I feel.

I tried to take photos with my crappy old iPhone.  So bare with me ;)

We left the other three girls at home and brought Stan the man with us.

During Mass, I couldn't help think of how comforting and blessed one is to celebrate Mass the day you arrive in college town, and on such a beautiful feast day!  I LOVE being Catholic!

We were with her until 4:30-ish, helping her unpack, grocery shop, etc.  Then it was time to say good-bye.  :(

Her dorm room decor is darling; she did such an amazing job shopping and pulling it together over the summer.  She is HAPPY!  David and I are ADJUSTING.

In 48 hours she landed a lifeguard job at the university pool, joined the Pro-Life group on campus, and signed up for the Catholic Mass carpool, (she doesn't have a car and the church is too far to walk to).  She has met a slew of new friends, all nursing students, and many in the same dorm that she is in.  Welcome Week is keeping her very busy, enjoying her new life, and classes begin on Monday.

As for me...

Blessed Virgin Mary, Pray for her and all college students!



  1. Oh boy... I can't imagine how hard it is to bring your first to college. My heart is sad just thinking about me being there in four years. You must be so so happy for her and all that she's become (and all that she's done in just her first 48 hours there) Congratulations to you and your whole family. Praying for your adjustment...

  2. Sweet Sweet Friend,
    You did it!
    You raised that amazing, beautiful soul and prepared her to go into the world and make it a better place!
    And she is at it already!!!
    But still, I know the ache in your heart.
    Hugs and love!!!

  3. She will do fantastic! and you and David will adjust too :) Remind me of this in a couple of years okay??!! You have raised an amazing daughter!

  4. Patty!!! I am tearing up after reading this. There must be so many emotions to go along with this part of the journey. I loved your drop off day with mass (Yes!...almost like Mary was right there with her, protecting) And what a sweetheart to jump right in with getting involved. You've done an awesome job. I'll remember all of you in my prayers.


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