Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bittersweet Week

Last week was a productive, exciting, yet bittersweet week.

Miss Clementine is 5 which means she can join the Little Flowers Girls' Club that our home school group has.  The moms in the group had a planning meeting for the year, and it is going to be a great year!  Miss Clementine is so excited.

My big girls have graduated from the Little Women's Club so it's just her and I now.  Kind of bittersweet, but I look forward to our one-on-one time. :)


Last Friday, the girls and I got into the car and headed south to Belton, Texas (just north of Austin) where Miss Sarah will be attending college.

It was a jam-packed day, and a great one!

First stop ~ Sarah wanted to meet the priest at the Catholic Church she'll be attending while at school.
We had such a lovely meeting with the rock-solid Catholic priest.  So grateful that she will have him for her spiritual advisor.

This is so important since she will be attending a Baptist university in a small, Baptist town.

God is good!

Next up was a trip over to campus (about one mile from the Catholic Church) where she checked out her dorm room she's assigned to. We brought measuring tape and took notes.  Tight spaces!!  She's so excited.

The last thing on her "to do" list was to apply at the university's natatorium for a life guard position.  She's hoping to get hired there since that is her background and it will bring in more money then a work study program through financial aid.

I'm so  excited for her, trying hard to remain positive, but it is really bitter sweet.  She is ready to spread her wings!


This past Sunday our home school group had its annual pool party.

Talk about a fun time!!

When it was time to wrap things up, Miss Sally was able to say some good-bye's to some of her friends before she leaves for college.

So the first round of "good-bye's" has begun...


Did you know that there is National Cheesecake Day??  Monday night, a group of mom friends and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for 1/2 price cheesecake.  Awesome moms night out, right!?

I also had a table reserved for a group of sweet, young ladies; Miss Mabel and friends.

They were in a different area of the restaurant from the moms and really enjoyed their experience.  I love watching Miss Mabel grow into this beautiful, young lady.

Time marches on...



  1. OH so much emotion going on. I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit to the college. My college priest changed my life, brought me to Stubenville on retreats, and to Denver for World Youth Day (another event that changed my life) I'm so glad you girl was able to connect with her new church before she even started. Hang in there with all that bittersweet.

  2. So much goodness and yes, bittersweet. I so enjoy you sharing how time does march on, but is also wonderful in its own season. Your girls are growing up and you are embracing it so beautifully. It inspires and encourages me as we keep marching forward in our own changing seasons.

    Little Flowers...I need to be thinking about this for my little girls. I enjoyed that time with Lily back in the day, but we are no longer with the homeschool group we were back then. I need to see if I can gather a group of similar aged girls that I know instead. Thanks for the reminder!


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