Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Farewell Cook-out

I just LOVE looking back on these photos!  This day was so special.

It was our family's last hurrah at the lake - as a family - for awhile.  We wanted to go someplace that is near and dear to our hearts since we were planning to send our oldest off to college, (someone who is always in my heart).

The day and location did not disappoint.

The evening before, we celebrated with the Sacrament of Confession, Mass, and a blessing for Sarah from Father (with a healthy dose of holy water splashed in the face ;)  That Sunday, we packed up our beach gear and headed for a day of swimming, fishing, and cooking out.

This girl!  She has ALWAYS loved to swim.  That day, she swam across the cove to sit on the other side.

I miss seeing her smiling face, knowing what she is wearing, what food she is eating, hearing the funny stories from work...

And these two!  They are outdoors men for sure.  So grateful that my husband has taught all of us to enjoy nature!!
"Joy spills out onto a forest floor, exultant with gladness. God wants us here, here in His created world, entering into His joy." ~Elizabeth Foss

And the middle two enjoyed swimming across the cove by themselves as well - for the first time!   I could hear their voices echoing across, and I just sat their watching and taking it all in.  My heart was full.

Miss Clementine.  What can I say?  She went from NOT wanting to get in "with the fish" to flipping head over heels in enjoyment!  Ha ha!

"Let's flip the other way now!"

"Nature nurtures my soul; the gentle restoration of my Creator softens the hard edges and fills the hollows and pits through the ministry of water, and sunshine, and flowers." ~ Elizabeth Foss

It was such a memory-filled day.  

And we get to see Sarah again in exactly 29 days when we head south for family weekend :)


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  1. I love this, Patty.
    Hold onto those moments in your heart...
    I know you do.
    Hugs and love!


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