Monday, July 3, 2017

Take Me Back in Time This Summer (week 4)

Wow!  So June ended up being the most incredible month of contentment and peace.  It was perfect!  I haven't felt this mentally healthy in a long time.  How much power the word NO wields!

Each day we woke up to see what we would put into our spontaneity bucket and this is how we lived.

* Sidewalk chalk compliments of Miss Mabel  (Masha and the Bear is Miss C's favorite cartoon on Netflix)

* Playing with play dough

* Books from the library

* Having friends over

* Going to friends houses

* Sleepovers

* Tomatoes from the garden

* So much swimming

* Rolling thunder and the pretty contrast in colors

* New nail clippers (Now everyone else in the house knows which ones are moms - ha ha!)

* It's time for creamy blueberry pie!

* Blueberry pancakes

* July 4th decorating and parties

Until next time ~



  1. I love your photos! I love the bunting on your house. The tomato dish looks so delicious. There is a lot of creativity and talent at your house.

  2. Patty, I am so happy for you all.
    And you know how much we love that blueberry pie!!!!
    Hugs, my friend. : )


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