Sunday, July 23, 2017

Skippin' Town

Once upon a time, David and I would use our get-out-of-town card every 5 years without the kids  (way, way too long of a wait in-between).  We'd drop them off with or fly down grandparents to watch over the darlings.

However, after our 20th anniversary road trip (two years ago, here and here), I told him no way.  Not anymore. We would not be waiting every five years to get away by ourselves.  We need to seriously refuel more often.

So last week, for 30 hours, we skipped town!

We left to celebrate  # 22!   (Sans kids.  Sans a babysitter.  Teen girls are old enough to hold down the fort.)

I told him I just wanted a pool with a good drink and a book to read.

We ate delicious food.

We shocked our teenagers by sending them a mirrored selfie!  Ha ha ha!

And wowzer!  We had a room with a view!

We were on the top floor with the outside wall being one, enormous, floor-to-ceiling window that presented a stunning view.

It was so relaxing.  Oh my gosh.  It felt so good to be just the two of us for a little bit of time.  Now I'm thinking, we need to do this more than once a year ;)

Feeling so grateful (and refreshed)!



  1. OH yes, for sure!!! We have aunts and uncles (4 sets) , two sets of grandparents all withing 20 minutes of us... why don't we do this more often?! Congrats on your Anniversary (and on getting away!)

  2. This looks so amazingly wonderful. Good for you two! I wish we were at the same season or that we'd actually take the time to be together apart from the kids. We just haven't gotten there yet. I know we should, but sadly it hasn't made the top priority list. Your post reminds me that it really should. Heck, even going out for supper alone would be a leap!


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