Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Consider the Lilies (Scripture Study)

I am so excited to have started this new Scripture study, Consider the Lilies, by Elizabeth Foss!

This can be done on an individual bases (like I am doing) or with a group (online or in real life).  Put together and published by the wonderful group, Take Up and Read,  you can purchase your Scripture study on Amazon and sign up to receive daily prompts through your email.

Take Up and Read officially began the six week study on July 10, but you can also do this on your own time.

I was so excited to be encouraged to buy my first set of big-girl markers/highlighters/colored pencils for this Scripture study!

Along with my Catholic Bible and a pen, all I need is my Double Duty Caddy from Thirty - One Gifts (that should be arriving in the mail soon)!

If you have bought the Scripture study, too, blessings to you for a fruitful journey with God!



  1. Is the journal blank or led with Biblical references? I'm doing my study this year with an old spiral notebook and following the liturgical year. I've love an excuse to start over with a fresh journal and pens. :) Let me know how you like it.

    1. Each day has at least one, usually 2-3, Biblical passages. There is a reflection written by one of the others each day that goes along with the theme/ meaning of the passages. It may tie in directly to you, or a past experience, or maybe it'll help with a future experience. They all are geared to help you now or when you can offer a shoulder to a friend. I LOVE this study. My favorite ever. The authors made it incredibly easy for you to read and ponder each day. You do not have to start when the group started. You do not have to go at their pace. Each day touches you in such a way, that you don't want to miss one day.


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