Sunday, June 25, 2017

Take Me Back in Time This Summer (Week 3)

I cannot tell you how incredibly liberating and healthy it has been to keep our month of June free and clear!  We have continued to just be and leave room for good, old-fashioned spontaneity to seep in each day.

This past week we have filled our summer spontaneity bucket with ::

* Miss Mabel having fun in the kitchen

* evening swims

* visiting an old park that is one of our city's gems just to splash in the water

* ice skating

* Dairy Queen blizzards

* Sonic Happy Hour (Slushies)

* retail therapy (Tuesday Morning finds consisted of a new baking pan, bar of soap, and candle)

* more baking

* walks

* bike repair

* ice cream at the pool

* and ice cream (sonic half price shakes) after the pool when David and Stan the man were gone

* Dads Night Out

****David and his good buddy host a dads night twice a year.  The prepared and served brisket and surf n' turf last night.  All the dads, their Catholic faith as the common thread, really enjoy the gatherings.  David said, "There was only 16 who gathered this time."  Umm...I think 16 grown men is a BIG number to cook and prepare food for.****

Spontaneous Summer Bucket (Week 1)
Spontaneous Summer Bucket (Week 2)

~ Patty  ~

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