Monday, June 12, 2017

Take Me Back in Time This Summer (Week 1)

Spontaneity.  This is my summer bucket list.  And whatever happens to fall within it will be a pleasant surprise :)

I want an empty June.  As much as possible.  No camps.  No lessons (for any sport).  "Maybe's" only when it comes to accepting invitations to do something or go somewhere.  Relaxing and living and doing things together as a family. Spontaneously.

So far we filled the bucket with::

Sleeping in until whenever.

Watching movies in pj's.  Until whenever.

A little one building forts and sleeping in them.  Two nights in a row!

Meeting a little friend at the pool after making a quick phone call.

Taking lunch to big sister at work who happens to be there for 12 hours.

Going for a swim in the city pool.


(I actually had to trim back the tomato plants - there's only three there - because they are growing like they are on steroids!)

Visiting Bahama Buck's for the first time.  (World's BEST shaved ice!)

Taking my ladies to Emporium Pies in the middle of the afternoon.  Just because.

The oldest three and I catching Wonder Woman.  (It! Was! Awesome!)

I'm not sure what will happen in the next week since I have no intention of filling it up.

This is an interesting article that popped up in a friend's feed recently, (kind of mirroring my thoughts).  I Want a 1980's Summer For My Kids.

Our Spontaneous Summer Bucket List Week 2 

Spontaneous Summer Bucket List (Week 3)

Until whenever ~



  1. I. LOVE. THIS.
    Enjoy every moment, my friend!

  2. Absolutely wonderful. It sounds like bliss. Keep on enjoying all the moments.

  3. I whole heartedly agree with you! Yeah, for a real summer!!

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! So so good for kids (and for parents)


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