Thursday, June 8, 2017

Seton Graduation 2017

Memorial Weekend.

Literally, on a wing and a prayer, we made it out to Front Royal, VA for Sarah's high school graduation.  It was just her and I since David opted to keep the peace back home.

What an amazing graduation weekend that Seton Homestudy School puts on!  There were activities for graduates and families throughout each day for you to pick and choose from if you wanted to.

(Graduation Mass at St. John the Baptist Church in Front Royal, VA - Saturday, May 27.)

So many incredible memories, meeting students and parents from all over the country (and the world).

(Sarah's friend and fellow classmate from CA, Joe.)

(My little girl, a little banged up, but ready to take on that stage and pick up her diploma!)

Seton had 785 seniors (worldwide) graduate.  Out of that number, 130 seniors were able to make the Seton graduation weekend.

Seton is the largest Catholic school in the world with more enrolled students then Notre Dame, Villanova, or Seton Hall.

(Seton Class of 2017 posing for a group photo.)

We had the incredible honor and privilege to meet in real life, THE Dr. Mary Kay Clark, founder of Seton Homestudy Schools.   Dr. Clark received the distinguished honor of Top 100 Catholics in the 20th Century!

This amazing woman pioneered homeschool education in the United States (and eventually worldwide), raising and homeschooling seven sons.  She is now a great-grandmother.

After these photos, we skipped the post-graduation reception to go and rest that knee back at the hotel.  We had to restore our energy for the graduation dance later that night.

(Friends at the post-graduation dance.) 

The following morning, we attended mass at St. John the Baptist once again.  This was an Novus Ordo (Latin-English) Mass.  The church is beautiful!

(Sarah by her Confirmation saint, Mother Cabrini.)

We had originally hoped to see two or three monuments down in D.C. prior to catching our flight, but with a bum knee and very rainy weather, we opted to go 'people watch' at the airport.

Ha ha ha!

We arrived home safe and sound that Sunday night of Memorial weekend.  We are so grateful that we made the choice to homeschool our kids, starting back 13 years ago.  Sarah had been enrolled with Seton for 13 years.   

"It is an academic AND spiritual achievement to graduate from Seton Home Study." ~ Dr. Mary Clark 2017

God bless all the graduates of 2017!

~ Patty ~


  1. Congratulations to your girl!!!

  2. Patty,
    I literally feel the happiness and love coming right through those photos!
    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!!!
    What a wonderful accomplishment. For BOTH of you!!!
    I love the photos...Every single one.
    Hugs and love from Pennsylvania!!!!
    P.S. You are stunning!

  3. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment for both of you. It must have been a very special weekend to spend together. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her.


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