Saturday, June 3, 2017

Port Aransas 2017 (1)

Early in May, we were fortunate enough to take a week-long family trip to Port Aransas.  It was so nice; definitely a place I would visit again.  This old fishing town is located on the top end of Padre Island National Seashore, near Corpus Christi, TX.

(Riding the ferry to the island.)

Fresh fish straight from the ocean into the frying pan on numerous occasions.

On a particularly over cast day, we drove into Corpus Christi to visit the U.S.S. Lexington.  This was so fascinating, especially since my young man studied it this past quarter in history class.

Our condo was just four short blocks from town so we enjoyed spending time checking things out.

We loved to just hang out at the condo or pool.  So relaxing!

We drove out by the jetty a couple of times.  I really wanted to watch the cargo ships coming into port, but I never quite timed that right.

More to come...

Port Aransas / Mustang Island 2017 (2)

Port Aransas - Goliad 2017 (3)
~ Patty ~

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  1. What a fantastic vacation!
    And although I enjoyed all the photos, I think my favorite one is your hubby and your baby girl snuggling together.
    That is always my favorite part of any trip...
    All of us being together.
    Looking forward to more photos!


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