Wednesday, June 7, 2017

One Really Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week In May

The week after we returned from our trip to Port Aransas,  life was filled with finals and papers and one field trip (that had been planned last fall).

Here's Stan the man with a few of his buddies (and the big screen flashing our group's name).

It was the following week that almost drove me insane.

Within 4 days::

* The fencing company.  This install week had been anticipated, and the crew arrived, doing FANTASTIC job!  Check out my gorgeous new fence!

* An opportunity arose to relocate Ester's horse to her new home (which is much closer to where we live).  Ester can now ride with a friend (since this is at her friend's house who happens to have a horse as well).

* Then there was Stan's oral surgery.

Stan the man had oral surgery to remove a odontoma.  His was benign, which we knew it would be, it just always feels good to see benign on the pathology report.

At this point, it seems as all hell broke out and made for a really horrible, rotten week.

The surgery was on Wednesday, May 24.

* On Thursday, May 25, I ended up all day in two different ER's with two different kids, a plastic surgeon, five stitches, a knee brace and set of crutches.

Kid #1:  While numb from oral surgery the day before, Stan the man took a chunk out of his inside, lower lip.

Complimentary post-stitches picture.

Kid #2:  Sally injured herself at work that night (going over drills; pulling out a victim on a back board).

* And the punchline??  Sally and I had to catch a very early flight the next morning to D.C. for her high school graduation.  Eight insane hours after being released from the ER in fact.

I had planned on taking the day to pack...

Needless to say, packing was rushed, then it was to the  shower and catch a few zzz's before heading out the door at 4am the following morning.

By the grace of God, we made our flight, hobbling all the way.

If there was a silver lining, it was that Sally was able to utilize early boarding. ;)

Graduation pictures to come!

~  Patty ~


  1. Oh, my! You did have a really bad week! Cyber hugs and prayers your way.

  2. Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart, is it? Hoping that you don't have another week like that one for a very long time....if ever!

  3. Oh my goodness! That's not fun at all. Glad you survived it.
    I do, however, love your new fence. I've never seen one like that before. Very pretty. I'm hoping things have slowed a bit for you at this point. Looking forward to seeing the graduation pictures.

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