Saturday, June 10, 2017

Miss Mabel's 8th Grade Graduation and Confirmation

There was no down time the week after Memorial Weekend.  The week was filled with doctor follow-ups for Stan and Sarah.  Sarah has quickly mastered the way of Worker's Comp (not an easy task) and patience is a key figure during this process.

Our roof was installed (and the crew did an amazing job).

We also had to prepare for our homeschool group's  Baccalaureate Mass for seniors and eighth graders.

(Officially in high school :)

(Our lovely graduates!)

(We have been so blessed with priests that are pro-homeschool, confirming that the Church recognizes the parents as the primary educators for their children.)

  We had a small dinner party afterward for close friends and neighbors in honor of Sarah and Mabel.

This priest, Fr. Sal, he will be sadly missed.  The bishop announced his yearly assignments, and Father will be with us only until June 30.  He then moves to another parish in the diocese.

And the festivities just kept coming!

Family flew in from Michigan to celebrate Miss Mabel's upcoming Confirmation.

Miss Mabel's auntie, godmother, and Confirmation sponsor is David's SIL.  We were so honored to have her, her husband and niece present for the Confirmation Mass on Pentecost Sunday, June 4.

(Niece and Sister-in-Law from Michigan)

(Mabel with her godmother / Confirmation sponsor)

Helena (of the Cross), be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

They flew back Michigan this past Tuesday.  We were so thrilled that they came to visit and spend this special day with Maria Isabella Helena. 

I've had a rash of posts, (if you've been reading).  There's a gloomy computer problem hanging over us at the moment.  Last week, our computer crashed and we have had a hard time reloading some important files from the past two years (cannot reload from iCloud or our manual back up system).  I realized that by documenting all of our important moments on my blog was a source to find the really important pictures/moments in our family's life.  (Another good reason to continue blogging!)

I told David we can tackle the computer back-up drive at another time this summer.  

In the meantime, Saints Mary, Elizabeth, and Helen, pray for us!  

~  Patty  ~


  1. Happy, busy times in your home, Patty!
    Congratulations to your lovely girls.
    And your Mabel...she looks so very much like your beautiful mother to me! : )
    Relax and enjoy now, right??

    1. Grammy! Yes! We all think she is my mom's clone, especially my mom's pictures from when she was a young teen. :)

  2. Congratulations to your two graduates!

  3. Congratulations for all your happy m9ments! I had the same thing happen to me with the computer a few years ago and the only pictures from that year or two are from my blog.

  4. So much goodness and so much beauty in these photos. You certainly stepped into a very busy season full of amazing highlights. Thanks for sharing them all with us.

    Hugs, dear friend.


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