Friday, April 21, 2017

One Hot Mess of Emotions

In a blink of an eye, we went from newborn to college registration.

(I choke up easily these days.)

Earlier in April, she and I made a trip down to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor for freshman orientation and registration.

Her father and I canNOT be any prouder of her.  She's worked so incredibly hard to get where she is and will fit in beautifully at this university.

The campus is so pretty and charming, filled with Live Oaks and Greek colonial style buildings.  The faculty, staff, and fellow students we met were amazing and comforting.  Their pride in and love for UMHB is enormous.

Nursing is her chosen path, and what a noble profession it is!

We had a jam-packed weekend filled with all the info we needed to obtain, and she is even registered for her fall classes.  Oh my word... I choked back tears while talking to one of the lovely staff members. So emotional.  She will be in great hands.

And then this arrived in the mail last week.

This week, she turned in her last Seton (Seton Home Study School) assignment just the other night.  What an incredible journey it has been.  Words simply cannot describe what we are feeling.  It's been 13 years!

She and I will fly out to D.C. for a quick weekend trip (end of May) in order for her to take part in Seton's formal graduation ceremony.  Then the following weekend, our home school group will host its yearly baccalaureate Mass.  Fun times!!

Next weekend we meet a photographer for senior pictures.  Gosh!  Somebody please slow time down for me. 

I have a much greater appreciation for all the emotions experienced by mamas who have gone before me.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Dearest Patty,
    What a beautiful young woman you have raised.
    So happy for her.
    And you.
    You did this you know.
    You raised her to be the woman she is.
    And I promise gets better!
    But I feel the ace in your mommy heart. : )

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Graduation was really emotional even though mine have chosen to commute to college and stay home. After they get their AA degrees, they will be off to the four year colleges of their choice. They are maturing into adults before my eyes and I couldn't be more proud of them. I know exactly how you feel. It makes you want to cling to the years you have left of the ones that are still home!

  3. I've done that three times and it doesn't get any easier, sorry to say. But congratulations to your beautiful girl! I can hear her roar in Ohio -- she is going to be great wherever she goes in life!

  4. Oh Patty, what a special time this is for all of you. I'm so glad that she has found a place that gives you peace while she attends college. It sounds like it will be a fun trip to D.C. for the two of you. Congratulations to both of you for a job well done! Can't wait to read all about it.

  5. Congratulations to your girl. I'm there in four years!!! I know it'll fly by!

  6. So beautiful. I bet she is going to go forth from your home and do amazing things. It looks like the perfect place for her to move on and continue her education. I cannot imagine how proud you and David are! You have all done well. Praying for you in the coming weeks as you move forward in your adventures and your growing up young lady.

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