Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hello Daybook Post. It's Been Awhile.

Outside my window ~

The first day of spring was like...

What I am thankful for ~

* all the prayers for my mom (surgery is this Wednesday, March 29)

* Lenten mission at church last week

* the Sacrament of Reconciliation

* her imagination -->

What we are reading and/or listening to ~

Our Lenten book basket...

From the school room ~

* We have 7 weeks of school left.

I am praying for ~

my mom

Around the house ~

Miss Mabel loves her ice skating class :)

Can you say Fish Fry?!

Stan the man and David went camping with the Troops of St. George this past weekend.  The camp out consisted of bow fishing up on the Red River.

(Doesn't he look so grown up here??!!)

From the kitchen ~

St. Patrick's day yummy-ness!  (So lucky to have Pinterest.)

I am listening to ~

Miss Clementine.  :)  She is sitting at the table talking a mile a minute and slurping on an orange Popsicle.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - a friend's surprise birthday dinner

Tuesday - EDGE youth group

Wednesday - Children's choir practice

Wednesday - My mom's surgery

Thursday - Ice skating lessons

Two Instagram photos (prom day) to share ~

 Here's a post with more.

Have a beautiful week, friends!

~  Patty ~


  1. Patty!
    The last picture is gorgeous of both of you!!!!
    Love the fruit rainbow...
    And the Oreos too!
    So many of the same thoughts we have...
    Makes me happy!

    1. Oh...most importantly,
      Prayers for your beautiful mother this week.
      Will offer our rosary for her.


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