Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scoliosis Post-Brace Check-up #1

It's been 9 months since she was released from her brace!  That time has just flown by.  Since then, she's been dealing with back discomfort, so we were glad to go back in for a post-brace check-up last week.

Her curves are holding steady, (no progression which is what we were hoping for)!

The brace would never permanently straighten her spine, just prevent the curves from worsening.

It did the trick.

The next photo is of her spine and a funny meme that she put together on Instagram.

Those are her curves and that is her humor.  ;)

(The doctors, for some reason, flip flopped her numbers, so the bigger curve is actually on the bottom measuring at 34 degrees and the top measures 27 degrees.)

Over time, she has come to embrace what God gave her and wants to help other young girls with their own self-image.

I love her for being so brave and posting this on her social media!!

As for the discomfort?  Well, that's everything setting in.  She does physical therapy now to help strengthen the core muscles.  She is one, tough cookie!

Her doctors have always been amazed at how well her body hides her curves.  And we are so grateful for the amazing medical staff that has worked with her at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas.  So grateful!

~  Patty  ~


  1. So glad that your daughter's curves are holding steady! I know first hand how good that kind of news is. I have a 15yo daughter in a Boston brace. We just had our first X-ray last month to determine how her curve is doing and we're holding steady too. :) Tell your daughter thanks for posting that update. I'll be showing my daughter this post in the morning.

  2. Wow...that x-ray really shows the reality of her situation, but what wonderful news about the stabilization of those curves! I, too, am impressed with her maturity in dealing with her diagnosis. Our girls are remarkable young women. (Oh...and my how they've grown over the years! Your children are beautiful and handsome! *wink*)

  3. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for posting. Please give her another great big hug from me. love her and love you!

  4. She is so amazing, Patty.
    And please tell her...I LOVE her humor! : )

  5. Patty, so glad that her spine is holding on to the progress that the braced helped to make. I love her attitude and humor.

  6. Love her sense of humor!! God is good. So happy the brace did what it was supposed to do. She will be such an inspiration to so many!


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