Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our First Trout Derby

Last Saturday, the city and Texas Parks and Wildlife teamed up to put on an incredibly fun trout derby.  This was the first year any of us went.  It's an annual thing for the city.

Miss Ester had to work it.

Miss Mabel competed in it.

Stan the man and Miss Clementine took part in the "casting contest".  

And the weather was just delightful!

David dropped her off and got her registered by 8am (on his way to work).  I showed up just after 9, but my little lady had already caught the maximum to enter.  She was allowed to keep fishing, but it had to be a catch and release.

I envy a girl who enjoys fishing.  I don't. like. to. touch. fish.

Big sister was working and taught her how to cast.

This young man ended up winning a trophy!

He took 2nd place (for his age group) in the casting contest.

The place was a packed house.  I never knew how popular this Annual Trout Derby was!

I am so glad we participated.  You have to love "free" family entertainment!

~  Patty ~

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