Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mid-February Already! - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Our temps have had the same pattern all winter.  Warm at the beginning of the week, (warm as in turn on the a.c. warm), followed by chillier temps where you turn the furnace on at night.

Seriously.  It's crazy.

However, this past Saturday was near 90 degrees!! Cray-cray.   There are daffodils blooming, trees blooming, and my tulips and day lilies are popping up.  I was able to fertilize my spring plants.

What I am thankful for ~


So many people have it SO HARD.  I am trying to focus on the moment at hand and just be grateful for the simplest things.

What I've been reading ~


From Amazon::
Doss's charming, touching, and at times hilarious chronicle tells how each of the children, representing white, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Mexican, and Native American backgrounds, came to her and husband Carl, a Methodist minister. She writes of the way the "unwanted" feeling was erased with devoted love and understanding and how the children united into one happy family. Her account reads like a novel, with scenes of hard times and triumphs described in vivid prose. 

The Family Nobody Wanted, which inspired two films, opened doors for other adoptive families and was a popular favorite among parents, young adults, and children for more than thirty years. Now this edition will introduce the classic to a new generation of readers. An epilogue by Helen Doss that updates the family's progress since 1954 will delight the book's loyal legion of fans around the world.

From the school room ~

Tons going on.  Recently, however, we took another field trip.  I love our field trips!

Field Trip!

I took Stan the man and Miss Clementine to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park in Dallas with our homeschool group.

It is a small, hands-on, educational experience.  The best part is Sting Ray bay and being able to pet and feed the sting rays.

Personally, I love to check out the jelly fish!

The last time I took the kids to this particular aquarium, Miss Clementine was only six weeks old!  They were so little!


Stan the man finished basketball season with Upward Sports.  It's a Christian-based program that is more low key, working on not so much the competition, but giving everyone a chance to grow and learn the sport.

They practiced one night a week.  Games were ONLY on Saturday.  (8 games only)  Win! Win!
His team placed 3rd for the season.

And this child is enrolled in winter, swim lessons now.

I am praying for ~

My mom.  She has a health issue that will be more definitively outlined the the end of the month.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Around the house ~

Miss Ester and Mabel belong to a Little Women's club (an offshoot of Little Flowers Girls' Club).  They made homemade valentines for residents of a nursing home.

Today (Sunday afternoon), our homeschool group had a family, service project.  They delivered valentines to the residents of the nursing home.  It was such a beautiful experience!  (Our group did this last year as well.)

Afterward, they exchanged valentines with their friends.

Miss Clementine was so excited to write hers out!

Two weeks ago, we had a nasty cold running through the house.  David was the sickest.

(David drinking hot tea and watching a movie while Miss Ester was doing homework and listening to her favorite band.)

From the kitchen ~

With our warm winter, I thought the melting snowman paper plates were fun to use.

We have also been eating (way too many) valentine treats.

Just last night, Miss Mable made these ribs in the oven.  So good!

I am listening to ~

Noise.   A lot of it!

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday:  Homeschool service project - pass out valentines to the residents of a nursing home.

Tuesday:  Swim lessons for Miss Clementine

Wednesday: Children's choir practice

Thursday: Swim lessons for Miss Clementine

Thursday: Moms' Night Out for our homeschool mommies

Saturday: Fishing derby

Saturday: Miss C's Baptism birthday

One last photo to share ~

From my instagram.  Little girl Easter dresses (found at Sam's Club).  Having a hard time choosing.  May need to keep both ;)

 Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

~  Patty  ~

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  1. So much to love here, Patty!
    First up...
    The dresses. You must keep both!
    I absolutely applaud your dear son's sports program.
    How refreshing to find an activity that allows for physical activity, sportsmanship, and fun!
    Leaving plenty of time for family and other things.
    (I won't mention anyplace specifically...ahem...but some places begin hardcore in third grade training as if it were the Olympics) ; )
    Fortunately, my son had no interest in that particular activity.
    Anyway! Love the winter swimming lessons!
    And all your fun activities!
    And those Valentine treats?!?!?!?!
    Yes, please!
    Will I find that rib recipe here?
    Because they look amazing!!!!!
    Bless you hubby and his cold.
    Prayers for your Mamma too!
    Hugs dear blogger friend!


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