Monday, February 20, 2017

Clementine's Baptism Birthday

Celebrating Miss Clementine's Baptism birthday on February 18, we gifted her with her own Rosary holder kit.  She has always admired her sisters' and brother's holders so she loved receiving her own.

She colored the image and then applied the floral stickers.  Big sister helped her put the Mod Podge on.  Once it dried, it was ready for hanging (right by her bed).

God bless you, Cecelia, now and always!

We love you,
Daddy and Mommy


  1. How very precious is she, Patty???
    You are an awesome Mom. : )

  2. That is the sweetest gift ever.
    Great pictures. The look of excitement on her face is so precious.

  3. Hi Patty! I think it's so sweet that she admired her sibling's rosary holder. Now she has one too!
    God bless your little Cecelia,

  4. She is just as cute as can be and so proud of her Rosary holder!


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