Saturday, January 21, 2017

Let's Talk Dresses

Here's a snapshot of the dress I bought for the annual benefit dinner this evening.

I am so excited to hear the guest speaker, Cardinal Burke!

Such a HOLY man!  He is a staunch protector of the unborn and all proceeds from this evening go toward the Birth Choice of Dallas.

 Switching gears now, Miss Sally and I went prom dress shopping a couple of days ago.

Hard to believe.  Trust me.  I know.

There was a change in venue this year, which meant limited dates available.  Prom is going to be March 11.  (Daylight Savings weekend, too. Yikes!)

She found a dress though, and she looks just beautiful. :)

Then there's this dress.

Absolutely gorgeous and so chic!!

As Taylor Swift would say, "Haters gonna hate."

You all have a great weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love your dress!
    Have a wonderful time.
    Prom dresses!!!!
    Hope things have changed since I took Madison...
    Was impossible to find anything remotely modest!!!
    And yes...her dress. Her gloves. Reminded me of Jackie Kennedy all those year sago.
    Did you see Ivanka's dress at the balls?????
    Hugs from 55 degree Pa!!!!

    1. Man, sadly, the dress scene for teens has only gotten worse. :/ My girls don't shop the junior since the junior section can fit my four year old. We always head for the ladies' section. All the dresses were just stunning. Loved Ivanka's.

  2. Cardinal Burke is one of my favourite voices from the hart of the modern Church. I have a great respect toward him. Such a sober, unfaltering and faithful man.
    And the dress is great! :)

    1. Mine, too! What a staunch protector of life and marriage! I am SO excited!

  3. I loved Melania's Inauguration dress (and her ball gown). So classy! I think she might be the prettiest First Lady yet. I love watching her.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your evening. Cardinal Burke...he's the best! Yes, dresses are tough to find. The inauguration dresses were so classy and on point. The First Lady reminds me of Princess Kate whom I also absolutely love.
    Can't wait to see the prom dress she chose. I bet she's a beauty in it.
    Hugs and love from MN!


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