Monday, January 9, 2017

January Snow - Daybook Post

Outside my window~

"Snow" on Friday.

Miss Clementine saw it coming down and asked, "But where's the ice?"  That speaks volumes about the ratio of ice:snow we receive.

Up and outside before breakfast, still in pj's :)

And I love the rosy cheeks and noses!

We are expecting 70's again, by Tuesday.

You know, I've completely turned to the warm side.  My blood has thinned.  I tell you, it really happens!  That's why I love the southern winters; you get a cold wave, but it is soon replaced with balmy weather.

What I am thankful for ~

* a warm house and warm food

* students who work hard

* the joy that "snow" brings

What we've been reading ~

A couple of new additions to our winter books  collection ::

From the school room ~

I took Miss Ester and Miss Mabel on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art last week.  Another mom coordinated it for our group, and we saw Art and Nature in the Middle Ages exhibit.

Oh my gosh, SO amazing!!

After the exhibit, the girls and I ate lunch in the cafe and then checked out more of the museum on our own ::

(I want that bed!  Ha ha.)

I am praying for ~

* for so many souls, too many who are walking and breathing, and completely engrossed in hatred and bigotry

* our priests

* an end to abortion

* for the health of my mom and MIL

Around the house ~

Tea for her dollies and tea for me.

Miss Mabel loves homeschooling since she can be doing her math online and cuddle the doggy at the same time :)

From the kitchen ~

What??  Don't you dress and pose like this when you bake?

I am listening to ~

The little jingling noise of Belle's dog tag as she prances around in the living room.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - Basketball practice starts up again.
Tuesday & Thursday - Miss Ester starts up again teaching swim lessons in the evening.
Friday - Little Flower / Little Women Bunco Night
Saturday - Mass for the Unborn (Right to Life)

A last photo to share ~

From Instagram ::

Stay warm, my friends!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Beautiful photos...A glimpse of your beautiful life.

  2. Yes.
    Yes to it all.
    OK...not the warmth part...I'm a snow loving gal, from the inside, of course!
    But yes to little ones playing in the snow in jammies...
    Yes to online school with puppies on laps...
    yes to little girls baking in precious outfits...
    Yes. Just yes.
    Hugs, Patty!!!!

  3. Best picture ever of little Clementine baking, followed by the look of adoration watching her big sister putting on makeup. Those made my day.

  4. I love that sassy pic of Miss Clementine! So full of life! Glad you all enjoyed your snow!


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