Friday, January 13, 2017

Grab It While You Can

Growing up in the Midwest, late spring  and early fall weather were my seasons.  There was so much outdoor time to be had.  All that glorious sunshine!

Our winters in North Texas remind me of those Midwest seasons with a sprinkling of cold weather every now and then.  I think we are actually at a nearby park more in winter then any other time of the year.

We took a study break the other day and headed over to the big one by our house.

When we first moved into this subdivision, this park hadn't existed yet.  (Look at the slide in the above picture.  See how much the Texas sun has severely faded the color?  It's not quite 10 years old.)  

There's a nice .4 mile jogging/walking path that curves around the perimeter of the park and hosts  picnic tables and charcoal grills here and there.  You can find a basketball court to the right of the slides and a large field where kids play soccer or football.

This park is known to be a landing spot for hot air balloons every now and then.  (There's a hot air balloon club that launches just south of our city and the warm, southern winds blow them up our way.)

A creek runs through the park next to the trees immediately behind the slides.  I tell the kids to avoid it since it is home to snakes in the hot weather and lots and lots of poison ivy.

When we bought our house, we decided against putting a wooden jungle gym in our backyard because, at the time, there was a smaller park in the other direction next to our subdivision pool.

And can you believe there's also a third park??  They built an elementary school the year we moved in and it hosts a beautiful playground (open to the public during non-school hours).

So, we have three, gorgeous parks, all within four blocks of our house on either side. We have no excuse to get out and enjoy the weather.  Except for today.

Today's weather is rainy and chilly.  Yuck.

Wishing you all a safe weekend!  I heard there's quite a storm moving across the Midwest.

~  Patty ~

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  1. How lovely to have so many parks nearby! And how lovely to be able to be outside enjoying them this time of year... have a blessed Sunday!


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