Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Here Comes February - Daybook Post

Outside my window~

Showing her the International Space Station fly by on a clear, winter night.

What I am thankful for ~

* A fun, family memory at Great Wolf Lodge

* My husband who built these open-end wall shelves for me

(Thank you, Houzz.com for the idea!)

So you all will faint when I say this, but these babies are the first set of wall shelves I have ever had in a house since we have been married.

I am so thrilled to have them!  Now to figure out what to put on them...

I'm open to suggestions.

What I've been reading ~


LOVED it!  Had it read in less than 24 hours over the weekend.  It's a Russian saga and is a quick read.  Fast moving.  Full of vivid description of a historical period in time.

From the school room ~

Religion :: Living Liturgy

We celebrated the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas on January 28.

St. Thomas is always depicted with a sunburst on his chest.  It's a symbol of his teachings which illuminated divine truth and "bear forth great light for the whole church."

So Miss Mabel cut out star-shaped lunch meat and cheese for our sandwiches that day!  ha ha!

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* our priests

* our soon-to-be, newly installed bishop

Around the house ~

On Monday afternoon, we actually got some "spring" cleaning done!  Our Texas winters are more like late spring up in the Midwest.

From the kitchen ~

Miss Mabel baked home-made bagels Saturday night.  We had them for breakfast after Mass on Sunday.

They were SO delicious!

I am listening to ~

* the hum of the dishwasher.  Otherwise, it is rather quiet here as I type.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - basketball practice for Stan the man

Tuesday - Miss Clementine has a play date

Tuesday - Middle School youth group

Wednesday - Choir practice

Thursday - eye appointment for Stan

Saturday - Basketball game for Stan

One last photo to share ~

A beautiful way to say goodbye to January!

~  Patty  ~

Monday, January 30, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

Oh my gosh!  We had so much fun!  The last time we were at Great Wolf Lodge was about 5 1/2 years ago when I was preggers with Miss C.

This visit was a great Christmas gift that we saved until now.   (I am all for the "experience" gifts.)

We all received a pair of wolf ears upon check-in to get the fun going.  :)

They also had our room ready right away (we were there at 1pm),  so after a quick swim suit change, we were off for some good time rock & roll!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a $50 resort credit (good toward anything), so we each go a pool side snack.

They swam and swam and swam.  And I thought I was going to die on one of the water slides Miss Sally took me on, but I lived. (I'm getting too old for this stuff!  Ha ha!)

From 7:15pm-8:00pm, while the big kids went to the water park, I took Miss Clementine to the Jammie Jamboree.  45 minutes of shaking what God gave you.  Non-stop dancing.

Check out this little clip I took of Miss C gettin' down. :)

Jammie Jamboree from Patty Hughes on Vimeo.

And at 8pm sharp, it was bedtime stories with Violet the Wolf.

My big kids changed and hung out at the arcade once the water park closed.  They enjoyed themselves as well.

In the morning, I bought some donuts for the birthday girl before they headed off for a morning swim.

We were home by noon.  (This facility is only 35 miles away from where we live.)

Oh my gosh!  Such great memories :)

~  Patty  ~

Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Baby is 5!!

Where has the time gone?

She is a lover of My First Little House Books, so we had a Little House birthday theme.  It was so much fun to put together!!

The sweet, paper dolls were a gift from Grammy.

And just like Laura who turns 5 and receives a new doll in A Little House Birthday, Miss Clementine turned 5 and received a new doll.

(The doll was from Target and the pioneer, doll dress was found on Etsy.) 

I was very impressed with the detail on the (4 piece) doll dress.  Here's a close up ::

And how can you pretend to be Laura Ingalls without a pioneer dress to wear??

(Miss Clementine's pioneer dress was found on Etsy.)

Coffee with Pa!

She loves her dress and wears it All!  The!  Time!

She helped her sister decorate her birthday cake.

Isn't that the coolest??  I found it on Pinterest, here.  (I love Pinterest and would be lost without it!)


I still cannot believe it.

Her life has brought us so much joy ever since we found out I was pregnant with her.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  We love you so very much!


Daddy and Mommy

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Poorest of the Poor

Every. Single. Day. I think of his birth mother and am in awe of her courage.  The poorest of the poor are in the womb.  Until life is protected there, life will never have value anywhere.

"We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other."
~ St, Mother Teresa of Calcutta ~

Please keep in your prayers all those who are traveling to and taking part in the March for Life this weekend.

I am pro life.

~  Patty ~

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Ebb and Flow of January - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

(I think we need some fresh chalk.  Ha ha!)

What I am thankful for ~

* my family

* a roof over my head

* sunshine

* my faith

What I've been reading ~

I am almost done with this then plan to watch the movie.

From the school room ~

Today is our fourth week of the semester!  (Time is passing so quickly.)  We are going to take a study break on Wednesday and use a Christmas gift (to Great Wolf Lodge) that we have been saving.  The two youngest don't know yet, so it'll be quite a surprise. :)

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* for all those who are marching the in March for Life

Around the house ~

 Someone was so bored the other day so we used up that good, old, swim-in-the-tub activity.

This is a snapshot of us at the Birth Choice of Dallas benefit dinner where we heard his Eminence, Cardinal Burke, speak.

From the kitchen ~

Miss Mabel made this chocolate cake - from scratch for Sunday dessert.  It was SO good!

And these?

They were an impulse buy for a mid-week snack.

I am listening to ~

* my house coming to life as the kids wake up and start making breakfast in the kitchen.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - We had a self-defense class for the moms in our homeschool group.

Sunday - High school youth group

Tuesday - Junior high youth group

Wednesday - Great Wolf Lodge  (Christmas gift)

Thursday - Miss Clementine turns 5 years old!

Friday - (Indoor) Ice Skating with homeschool friends

Saturday - Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (Living Liturgy)

Saturday - Stan's basketball game

One last photo to share ~

This was a total splurge.  I was out of perfume and needed something for our date night.  It smells heavenly!

Have a wonderful week ahead!  Can you believe January is almost over??

~  Patty  ~

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Let's Talk Dresses

Here's a snapshot of the dress I bought for the annual benefit dinner this evening.

I am so excited to hear the guest speaker, Cardinal Burke!

Such a HOLY man!  He is a staunch protector of the unborn and all proceeds from this evening go toward the Birth Choice of Dallas.

 Switching gears now, Miss Sally and I went prom dress shopping a couple of days ago.

Hard to believe.  Trust me.  I know.

There was a change in venue this year, which meant limited dates available.  Prom is going to be March 11.  (Daylight Savings weekend, too. Yikes!)

She found a dress though, and she looks just beautiful. :)

Then there's this dress.

Absolutely gorgeous and so chic!!

As Taylor Swift would say, "Haters gonna hate."

You all have a great weekend!

~  Patty  ~

Monday, January 16, 2017

Foggy January Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

It's been really foggy the past couple of days, very eerie looking.  The setting makes for a good murder mystery or crime movie, doesn't it?

What I am thankful for ~

* a relaxing weekend

* Stan the man serving for the Bishop and doing a great job

* all of the pro-life warriors out there (God bless you!)

What we've been reading ~

I started (and can NOT put down) ::

The basic plot takes place in the early to mid 20th century, when this female character gives up her prestigious lifestyle to enter a Benedictine Monastery (convent for nuns).  From there, multiple plot lines start bubbling up; all are so fascinating.  Where it is not a super easy read, it is not too terribly complex either.

From the school room ~

Heading into the new semester a couple of weeks ago, we had a nice momentum going.  A slow re-entry into the extra curricular activities was in our favor.  However, this week we will be back at full capacity.  (I'm going to miss the quiet days of early January.)

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* for all those who will be making the trek to Washington D.C. for the March for Life!  God bless them and keep them safe!

*  the victim involved in this despicable hate crime

* and I'm really having difficulty with this one, especially since I have an Asian son.

Around the house ~

Miss Clementine has been learning to walk the dog.  :)

Here's a few of our snowmen that have been popping up around the house since we took Christmas decorations down last weekend.

Stan the man (#33) has been enjoying playing on his basketball team :)  They practice one night a week, and have one game on Saturday.  No Sunday games or practises!!

(I'm telling you, my phone takes the worst, indoor photos.)

From the kitchen ~

I made this platter 3 or 4 years ago.  It was for a moms' night out, and we met up at a ceramic / paint store that could be rented out after hours for private, painting parties.  It was such a fun night!

The last of the cut out cookies were taken out of the freezer to be frosted and devoured.  :)

It was only 76 degrees out when we decorated them.  But who cares!  Cookies taste good anytime.

I am listening to ~

* the coffee pot getting ready to percolate on the stove top.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - Basketball practice
Tuesday - Middle school youth group starts back up.
Wednesday - Children's choir starts back up.
Friday - Girls' night out (for the homeschoolers, 8th-12th grade)
Saturday - Basketball game
Saturday - David and I are going to see Cardinal Burke at a benefit dinner for BirthChoice Dallas!!  I can HARDLY wait to hear & see this man in person!

A last photo to share ~

From Instagram::

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.  Stay safe; there's so much bad weather out there!

~  Patty  ~


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