Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cinnamon Rolls and Christmas Lights

Yesterday was the feast of St. Lucy (Dec. 13).  This one is really, really easy to celebrate!

Since Lucy means "light", and she is the patron saint of the blind, we save this night on the calendar each year to go drive and see the Christmas lights and decorations.

(Sally and Mabel had a Christmas party to go to this year and were unable to go see the lights with us.)

(One home had a "Santa" in the front yard that your little ones could take a photo with.)

(From 2015: Miss Clementine's St. Lucy pajamas still fit this year!)

And if you were ever interested, there are a few children's books out there on St. Lucy (and children in Sweden).

This year, we added a couple of new things to the celebration.

Since cinnamon rolls are part of the traditional, Swedish celebration, I had some ready for breakfast this morning, but mine were store bought.  Ha ha!

They still tasted awesome ;)

I also found Real Life at Home, a Catholic website that had a St. Lucy packet for sale ($2.25).  I was sent a pdf file full of fun St. Lucy activities.

(A few of the 19 pages in the activity packet that Stan and Clementine enjoyed.)

Saint Lucy's story can be found here.

St. Lucy, pray for us!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty,
    I am soooo glad I popped in!
    Thank you for the links!!!!
    You always inspire me!
    Love your baby girl's jammies!
    Love your three light watchers!
    And we have the same peg doll. : )
    Enjoy the remainder of advent!

  2. I just realized with all those exclamation points, I sound a little manic!
    Sorry about that. : )


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