Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Early November - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Rain (with some thunder).  Dark skies.  Cooler temps.  (A perfect setting for election day.)

I actually really am enjoying this weather since we have had such warm weather this fall.  Our October ended up being the hottest on record for our area.

I am thankful for ~

* my husband

* my children

* my daughter's good check up with her eyes.

(It's been almost two years since her emergency eye surgery.  We were back at her specialist yesterday and the eyes look very healthy; optic nerve looks beautiful.)

I am reading ~

* I ordered this for my Advent reading ::

And I have been back to reading this ::

I am (desperately)  praying for ~

* our country

* an end to abortion

* our priests

From the school room ~

* We are on week 14 now.  Things are going well and everyone is on track.

Religion - Living Liturgy

We recently celebrated Miss Sally's Baptism birthday.   Well kind of.  At the end of the day she reminded me what day it was.  Ha ha ha!

Thank goodness I had picked up something a few weeks ago to give her.

Now she has a holy water font in her bedroom as well. :)

Around our house ~

*  Our sweet neighbors moved away.  These two were so adorable together; enjoying their friendship to the end.

* A couple of weeks ago, David built a second loft bed (this one is for Miss Ester).  The girls needed room for the new, electric keyboard that they purchased themselves.

They said they're saving for a dorm fridge now.  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

From the kitchen ~

*  David takes Wednesdays off.  (He works on Saturdays.)

Any way, his birthday is tomorrow.  How gloomy to have a birthday the day after the elections this year!  So he received his new smoker / charcoal grill early and has been working on his master chef skills ever since.

Last week, he prepared a Bourbon Bacon-wrapped Pork Loin (smoked) with a side of home made cole slaw and some beans.  It was a feast!

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday - Sam's basketball practise
* Tuesday - election day
* Tuesday - EDGE youth group
* Wednesday - David's birthday
* Wednesday - Ballet 
* Friday - Little Women Club (we host at our house)
* Saturday - Breakfast  date with my guy

Last photo(s) to share ~

Soma pajamas.  Do you have any pajamas in that line?

I indulged and purchased a pair.  They are heavenly!!

What's wrong with this dressing room picture??  (She makes shopping rather difficult ;)

I really loved the Christmas patterned ones, but ended up with a pattern I would wear throughout the cold-weather months.

I think I'll put another pair on my Christmas wish list.  I never pamper myself, but it sure is nice to do that every once in awhile, isn't it?

At this point, I usually wish you all a good rest of your week, but today is election day.  So my last thoughts are a simple, please pray for our country.  God helps us.

Until next time,

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love the jammies!!!!
    And yes! Mommies need to treat ourselves too.
    Always love your posts.
    Off to vote now.
    Stopping at the church first.
    I was thinking of lighting a candle beneath St. Jude, but Flynn suggested we go straight to the top! So to Jesus we go!

  2. Yeah for cozy jammies. And so happy your girls eye exam was just as it should be :)

  3. Hi Patty! You look very cozy in those pj's! The little scamp on the floor reminded me of my rare trips to look for clothes when my children were little. I'd challenge them to find plastic tags on the floor, and you would think it was Easter Sunday. So funny! But it kept them busy :)
    Happy birthday to your husband, and I hope it's a fun day for all,

  4. Oh Patty - my jammies are yoga pants and a hoodie. I am up so much with the baby (and toddler...and preschooler) that I'm all about "utility" versus style. Those pj's look super cute on you, though. I did get myself a pair of maternity jammies a few babies back - red with white polka dots. Ummmm...perhaps not the best choice! Totally unflattering, but they kept my belly covered!

    Todd and I were just talking about him building beds for the boy room. The 13 year old shares with his 4 and 2 year old brothers. Trying to make it all work with that age range - we'll see what we come up with!


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