Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Retreat

It was AMAZING.  Simply amazing.

Unplugging from the world and filling in the gap with prayer  was the balm that every human needs.

I started compiling pictures to share but ended up deciding not to.   The camera just cannot capture the depth of a soul that is filled with the Holy Spirit.

I thought I would put out a recap instead :)

Friday - 

Service project - the girls took part in a service project that aides mamas in need.

Late afternoon prayers - singing Psalms (30 minutes each time.)

Dinner - at each meal, the young ladies were asked to randomly sit at different tables so that the Sisters could get to know them on a more personal level.

S'mores - the Sisters set up their outdoor fire pit and we all sat on the patio roasting marshmallows and visiting.

Stations of the Cross - in pj's, the young ladies and chaperones quietly went down into the chapel and meditated on the Stations.

How amazing to have Jesus in the Tabernacle right below where we slept!!!

Saturday -

Sleeping in and / or exploring the gorgeous grounds of the Monastery

A light breakfast was provided for the us in our private kitchenette.

Late morning prayers

Late morning Mass


Holy Doors - after lunch,  a couple of the Sisters and the rest of us hiked 3 miles to the Cathedral in downtown Tulsa to walk through the Holy Doors.  The weather was GORGEOUS and we stopped half way at another Catholic church to take a bathroom break and to sit in front of the Tabernacle for a little bit.  Then it was onto the Cathedral where we spent about 45 minutes individually praying, walking around, and some even made it to Confession.

Late afternoon prayers


Social time - the young ladies planned some entertainment for the Sisters by playing instruments and/ or singing for them.  We were delighted that some of the Sisters reciprocated by playing some instruments for us!

Thank you's - after the Sisters retired for the evening, the girls showered up and then worked on writing thank you notes to the Sisters.

Sunday -


Morning Mass

Departed for Texas

The young ladies LOVED this retreat!  They were glowing and asking if they could write to the Sisters.  My Ester commented on Sunday evening that she had already missed singing with the Sisters in their chapel.

The retreat was fruitful.  There was so much inner peace in each of us that attended.  I am so grateful for the experience as I know each of the young ladies are.

We plan to go again next fall!

~  Patty  ~

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  1. I want to gooooo! It sounds, well, heavenly! All of it, and I agree, scanning quickly through pictures would take away from it. I really enjoying reading it. Reminds me of my retreats in college.


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