Monday, October 31, 2016

The Last of October - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Brilliant sunshine.  Warm temps.  Blue skies.  It's going to be a warm trick-or-treating night.  (This is our 10th Halloween in Texas, and I still feel in awe that we go out in flip flops and shorts!)

I am thankful for ~

Long distance friendships

This sweetie pie was able to spend a couple of days with us while her dad was at a conference in Dallas.

It made my heart happy that her mom and dad entrusted her into our care.  She was such a pleasure to have!

I am reading ~

Nothing!  I have had no time and really miss it.  I'm hoping that things really calm down in the next week and I can resume this past time. :)

From the school room ~

* We continue to plug away as we enter our 13th week of school.

* Living Liturgy.  I just have not had a chance this year to keep up with it. 

I am praying (desperately for) ~

* our country

* election Novena,  Please join in.  It started on Sunday, Oct. 30th, but it isn't too late!!  You can find it on

* an end to abortion

* our priests

Around the house ~

I am seriously struggling trying to keep up with this blog and reading other blogs.  My days are overflowing with home schooling, teens working, home school activities, etc.  I am trying to focus on those things as well as resting my body and mind more; making myself relax and get to bed at a proper hour.  

From the kitchen ~

Last night, our home school group had our annual Family Rosary / Hot Dog Night.  (I think it was our hottest one yet, too hot for saint costumes this year.)

I haven't had to cook the past three Sundays between our parish fall festival, the retreat, and then the hot dog night.  

I am listening to ~

* miss Clementine playing with her toys

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - Hot Dog Night / Rosary (home school group)
Monday - Trick-or-treating
Tuesday - All Saints Day
Wednesday - All Souls Day (Spiritual Works of Mercy Service Project with home school group)
Wednesday - Choir practise
Wednesday - Ballet
Thursday - Stan the man's Adoption Day!
Friday - Sunday - TSG camp out

Two last photos to share ~

From our retreat last weekend ::

S'mores with the Sisters (in Tulsa, OK)

The Monastery housed a multitude of first class relics.  Sally, Mabel, and myself all had first class relics of our Confirmation saints present. (Sally: Mother Cabrini,   Mabel: St. Helen,   myself: St. Maria Goretti)

Wishing you all a happy All Hallows Eve!  Hope you and your trick-or-treaters stay safe!

~  Patty ~


  1. I know exactly what you mean about being so busy! It is wonderful how active your church is. Ours, here in the country, doesn't have anything other than mass.

  2. ditto on the 'seriously struggling' part

  3. Good stuff. Love the "s'mores with the sisters" night. Are your daughters the entertainment there? I see them with their ukuleles. How fun.
    That picture of Clementine with her hot dog....totally cute!
    Hope the rest of your week is a good one.

  4. Patty, I am going to admit to being totally selfish here. I hope you are able to keep blogging! I am soooo inspired by you and love keeping up with your lovely family. That said, I know how busy times are as the kids get older. And we thought we were busy when we had toddlers!!! Thank you for the novena link! Happy All Saints Day!!!

  5. Another "ditto" on the ~around the house~ paragraph ;o) and also "ditto" to what Billie Jo wrote: I too am so happy that you continue to find some time to blog. :o) For future reading maybe you'd like the new book "Catholic Mom Challenge" by my friend Sterling Jaquith? (She used to live in my hometown.) I've been enjoying its orderly set-up and inspirational stories. Kind of like a "Mother's Rule of Life" for the current day. Your comments on rest remind me of a chapter in that book. :o) Becky in OR

  6. Hi Patty! It's so hard to balance everything right? You are a busy person!
    I'm going to a Mass of Remembrance for my dad tonight, and even though the Cubs are playing (Go Cubs Go!!!), I'm going to the mass. I'll be back in plenty of time to catch the end. Hope you all had a great Halloween and All Saints day celebration. Pretty comes Advent!

    1. I'll remember you father in my prayers at Mass this evening! The kids and I took a "field trip" to an historic cemetery in town. I've lived here going on 10 years and have never been there. It was AMAZING! We went into the chapel first and prayed a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the souls in Purgatory. Then we took a tour. It was so nice have our tour guide (President of the Cemetery Board) a fellow member at our Catholic Church. I can honestly say, the day has been so peaceful for myself, thinking and praying for my father and FIL. Now onto Mass...


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