Thursday, October 13, 2016

Homecoming 2016 - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Breezy, warm temperatures.

Last Wednesday, Miss Sally and I took all of the quilts to the coin-operated laundry mat.  We were able to line-dry some while others dried in the dryer at home.

I am thankful for ~

* gorgeous homecoming weather

* our daughters  (in their homecoming dresses)

I am reading ~

I am on the hunt for another book.  I have some on my Goodreads "to read" list that I need to revisit.

From the school room ~

* Last week we were on fall break.

* Lots of fun, fall pre-school crafts!!

I am praying for ~

* our country

* an end to abortion

* priests

* my family

Around the house ~

A local Youth and Government (home school) Club puts on an annual homecoming dance for home school teens in the DFW area as a fund raiser.

This year, there was a whopping 700 tickets sold!!

Almost everyone goes in a group.  No one "needs" a date to go.  An awesome concept!!

(The girls with Sally's best friend, Miss M.)

Miss Ester did have a young man ask her to homecoming.

He first called David, asking permission to ask Miss Ester.  Can you imagine how nerve wracking that was?!  (That made Ester feel like a queen.)

David said, yes, but with the stipulation they go with a group.  (Our girls are not allowed to date yet.)

This group of five, fun high schoolers met up with another group of their friends for dinner.

From the kitchen ~

I recently added this recipe for a delicious peanut butter cake filling.

There was this delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar recipe Miss Ester made not too long ago.

I am listening to ~

* working men outside through the backyard.  Apparently, the neighbors are having a screened-in porch built.  I love that idea!

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - Fall festival at a friend's country property.
Monday - Ortho appointment for Stan the man
Tuesday - EDGE youth group for Miss Mabel
Wednesday - Ballet
Thursday - PE for Stan the man
Thursday - Horse farrier appointment for Ester's horse
Friday - Little Flowers / Little Women Club
Saturday - Friend's birthday party
Sunday - Fall festival at our parish

One last photo to share ~

Have a great Friday!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a beautiful photo of you all, Patty!!!!!
    Your daughters are stunning. You must be very proud!
    Love the preschool happenings too!
    Hope you are having a lovely autumn, my friend.

    1. Thanks, Billie Jo. I'm proud of the young ladies they are, how they can carry themselves in public, and what beautiful souls they have on the inside :)

      Preschool. Gosh! I'm enjoying every single minute of it! As you know, these moments are fleeting. Hugs right back at you!!

  2. YOUR girls look BEAUTIFUL and happy!

    1. Thank you, Tara. Would you believe that they picked these out on their own? (And paid for them.) There is a dress code, which we are grateful for, since it reinforced positive messages to these young people. They had a BLAST!!

  3. I love their dresses. They are both so beautiful!
    I love the group concept too, no pressure. :)

    1. Right?! How do they do dances down in your area? When the kids first started going, the concept was new to me. Up in the Midwest, you typically didn't go unless you were asked by a boy. I find that sad.

  4. The girls look so beautiful. I adore their dresses. It looks like everyone was very happy that night. And how about that boy calling Dad first. Thumbs up for him!
    Have a great weekend before that busy week you have coming up.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen. They picked them out by themselves. It is so much fun to dress up and have somewhere to go (every now and then)!

  5. I love the last picture! The dance looked amazing! They at are beautiful and the group of teens looked like such a nice group! You all are blessed! Your week looked s u per busy!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. It was bitter sweet since this was Sarah's last homecoming. She certainly had an amazing time. They both did. There were other groups of friends that they met up with at the dance. So many homeschoolers in our area! We are very blessed for that.

  6. I love the last picture! The dance looked amazing! They at are beautiful and the group of teens looked like such a nice group! You all are blessed! Your week looked s u per busy!

  7. The girls look beautiful! May I ask where you go the dresses?


    1. Thank you, Emily. The girls found them at Macy's in the ladies' section. I believe the mauve colored one was from the petite section.

    2. Thank you! Have a blessed week!



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