Thursday, October 6, 2016

And this happened!

Our little man turned 11 this week!

And he wasn't at all excited ;)

It was a NERF kind of birthday.  The BEST kind out there for boys this age.

He had been wanting that Wii game forEVER apparently.  (I just heard about it recently.  Ha ha!)

He loves his NERF guns.

He was suppose to celebrate with a friend, but the friend's family had a stomach bug.  We chose to take a rain check.  ;)

In the meantime, we had tacos for dinner and a yummy, scrumptious, chocolate cake (with peanut butter filling) as dessert!

Hopefully next week, he and his buddy can head over for some fun at an indoor, American Ninja Obstacle Course.

We love this young man SO much!!  His mega watt smile says it all.

Happy birthday little man!

Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Nerf guns, those sound fun! I am waiting for my girls to get a little older to introduce them to the wonders that is all things nerf (oh the plethora of stuff out there!). Love the excitement on his face!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Oh, that smile makes ME smile.
    I've got a Nerf connoisseur over here as well.
    That indoor course sounds like a blast. I hope it's a great time for all.


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