Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mother Teresa Apron

My new apron arrived in the mail today.  I'm SO excited to show it to you!

It would make a lovely gift for the cook (or baker) in your life!  I found it at Catholic Company.

It is sturdy yet soft enough.  But it runs large!  I am going to have David take the neck tie in for me.  And yes, it would even fit a med-large built man.  The waist tie wraps around a couple of times so, as a medium-framed woman, I can tie it snugly and make it fit.

St. Teresa, pray for us!

~  Patty ~


  1. this! My Haley is taking Mother Teresa as her Confirmation saint. I'll have to remember this as a possible gift for her!

  2. How pretty. I love that. And you're right; it would make a great present!

  3. Hi Patty!! Love the apron! and also, the little bird night light is from Magic (overpriced) Cabin (as scott calls it) :) Hope your Thursday is a good one!

  4. So pretty! That would make a great gift idea.


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