Monday, August 29, 2016

My Newest 8th Grader - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Our area has been seeing a good amount rain, something usually not seen until fall.  So this relief has been greatly welcomed!

I am thankful for ~

* stopping to smell the roses advice  (I've been more in tune with life around my home and am so thankful for it!)

* the rain!

* a smooth first five weeks of school

* my delightful 8th grader :)

I am reading ~

I just finished reading, "A Fifty-Year Silence".

I heard about it on Goodreads website.  It's a great place to find books that have readers, like you and I, reviewing them.

I don't write reviews, but pick my books based on genre and the reviews already written.

This book is about the Jewish granddaughter who searches most of her life for the answers to a fifty year mystery.  How could her grandparents, who survived the Holocaust only to separate afterward, and never speak to one another again?

From the school room ~

Miss Mabel is my newest 8th grader.  She is such a great student.  Truly.  She can read her lesson plans and then do the work independently.  She only comes to me with the completed material that needs to be corrected.

Her morning work consists of: Religion, English, U.S. History, and Vocabulary.

Her afternoon work consists of:  Reading, Spelling, Science (she LOVES Seton Press' new science for 8th grade), and Algebra 1/2.

For the first two book reports due this semester, she chose to read the following:

Miss Mabel will also be in involved with continued horse riding lessons and choir at our church.

She is particularly excited to be taking part in the new, youth group for jr. high (EDGE).

Confirmation.  Mabel will receive the Sacrament in the spring.  Our priest realizes the effort the Catholic home school parents put into their kids' faith through the domestic church and has given us permission to keep her at home for Sacrament prep.

We are using the Chosen series from Ascension Press.

I am praying for ~

* our priests

* our country

* and end to abortion

* our country

* for all those who need our prayers!

Around the house ~

Mabel uses Saxon Teacher (on disc).  The disc set is $$ but SOOOO worth it!  No tears.  No frustration for both mom and student.  Better grades overall!

From the kitchen ~

I planned out my September meal calendar!!

 With the large amount of recipes in my arsenal, this monthly food menu has been pretty easy.  Seriously easy.

Between my August planner (here) and this planner, I have only had to repeat a few recipes.  (We do pizza differently each week as well.)

I am listening to ~

*  Miss Clementine "read" to herself from a book.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Tuesday: Dental appointments for 3 kids
Wednesday: Dental appointments for 2 kids
Wednesday: Ballet class for Clementine
Thursday: PE class for Stan the man
Friday: Planning meeting for discernment retreat
Sunday: The canonization of Mother Theresa!!
Labor Day Weekend:  Maybe a day trip ???

A last photo to share ~

(Out on a date this past Saturday.)

Here's to Monday!  Have a great week ahead!!


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  1. Looks like you've got your school groove on! We're still pluggin' away over here...kind of a 1/2 start this week. Hoping to settle into our groove soon!


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