Saturday, July 23, 2016

Celebrating Our 21st on the 21st!

It was such a fun day!

My husband took me on a boat ride down the Red River.  The Red River is the natural boundary line for Texas and Oklahoma.

It flows into and out of Lake Texoma (90,000 acre lake), which borders Texas and Oklahoma.  It's usually extremely shallow with pockets of channels through sandbars, places where only special boats like air boats or jet boats can slip through.

The power plant had gates open that day while producing energy, so the river took on a completely different appearance as the waters flowed down from the lake.

He always launches his boat near the damn.  With the recent rain, the water was as clear as lake water!

(How I LOVE this guy!!)

Beer beak!

The next photo shows how shallow the river gets.  Usually, this section is completely closed.  We were only able to get through because he has a jet boat.

An old railroad bridge that is now a one-way, wooden plank, car bridge.

The only people we came across; new land owners checking things out.

Here I am, standing toward the middle of the river after we finished swimming.  This is normally a giant sand bar.

Check out the screen shot of the exact area from Google Maps::

Heading back toward the damn and beach/boat launch.  We ended up traveling 13 miles one way down river.

Oh my gosh, it was such a day!!  I'm so blessed to have the husband I do.  So grateful!

People ask us, "How did you two meet?"

In a bar. (Truth.)

I was 25 and he was almost 26, both of us had been previously engaged before to other people in our early 20's.  Our guardian angels sure had their work cut out for them during that period!  Ha ha!

My husband knew exactly what he wanted in a wife by then and without me knowing it, during our conversation in the bar, he pre-qualified me by casually and in no particular order asked me:

Are your parents married?  (This was EXTREMELY important to him.)
Are you Catholic?  (He only wanted to marry someone who was Catholic.  Life is difficult enough.  Throwing different religious beliefs automatically increases stress levels.)
Are you conservative?  (He is a political science major and this was very important to him.)

I'm SO relieved he did!  He was a very smart man for inquiring.  The Holy Sacrament of Marriage was/is mighty important to us.

Today, we pray for the future spouses of our children.  (If God calls them to Holy Matrimony.)  Who knows what difficulties they are undergoing in this crazy world and it's best to pray for them now. :)

Feeling blessed.

~  Patty ~


  1. Happy anniversary!! It is always fun to hear how people meet! It looks like you two had a magical day together.

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I still think your story tops them all! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! You make a lovely couple. It is interesting to hear about how you met.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You make a lovely couple. It is interesting to hear about how you met.

  4. We just celebrated our 18th on the 18th. Although, we went to Davanni's for sub sandwiches and then ran errands...we've gotta step up our game! Congratulations!

    1. Congratulations, Heather! That's wonderful!! Since I can't recall what we did on our 18th, I have a feeling it wasn't too thrilling! Ha ha ha! Wishing you another year of blessings on your marriage!

  5. Fun post seeing you have such a great time together and I love hearing how you met.
    Happy anniversary!

    1. Oh my goodness. We had so much fun. It was like, "Hey, I remember you two people." Sometimes we forget who we are beside being parents.

  6. Happy and Blessed Anniversary!!!!
    You two are the absolute cutest!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You say you are lucky to have him, and you are but he is lucky to have you too. Your children are lucky to have parents so dedicated to each other.


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