Wednesday, June 22, 2016

West Ship Island

On the last day of our vacation, I took three of the kids on an excursion to Ship Island.  Ship Island excursions have been running since 1926, and it is a good, old-fashioned day of sunshine and seashell collecting.

We caught the passenger ferry out of the Gulfport Marina and took a 50 minute ride out to West Ship Island.  (Hurricane Camille broke the Ship Island into two, West and East,  in 1969).

Ship Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

There was a very affordable (and clean) refreshment stand, gift shop (where you could buy a little net to catch crabs), pavilions with clean picnic tables, showers, and restrooms available.

The historic Fort Massachusetts is also located on the island.

Construction on the Fort started in the mid-1800's.

It is huge inside.  The kids played hide 'n seek in it!  Ha ha.

(The bottom photo is from top of the fort looking over the north beach.  Beach service was set up on the south beach.)

Oh my gosh!  It was so incredibly hot that day!  For $20 I rented a beach umbrella and chair.  The kids had their beach towels to sit on.

We all agree it was the best day of the week.

I am so grateful for such a wonderful trip.  We miss our friends already.

Hopefully, we can do this again in a couple of years.

If interested, I posted our beach pictures here

and our trip to Beauvoir here.

~  Patty ~


  1. How fun. My kids would love an excursion like that! Especially exploring that fort. Your pictures are fantastic, by the way. You did a really great job capturing the week for us here on the blog.

  2. all that white sand... ahhh

  3. We should have done the day trip with you! The boys would have loved the crabs and the Fort. The water was so blue out there too!


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