Monday, June 27, 2016

Last week of June - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Sunshine and blue skies.  I LOVE summertime and have been really enjoying ours so far!

Those seven bushes in front?  After all of the spring rain came, they developed a disease and I thought they were goners.  David and I had to cut them down to the base, but look at how they are starting to fill out again!

I am thankful for ~

* a restful month of June

* a fun vacation with friends in Mississippi

* teens who are employed!!

* good health (for the most part that is; I did need my thyroid meds adjusted and did gain 4 lbs since October...)

What we are reading ~

I put up this post that shows the summer books in our book bin.

I am also part of an online book club for the summer.  We are reading ::

From the school room ~

* Miss Sally is actually working on Spanish III for the summer.  It was really difficult for her the last quarter so she set it aside until all of her other classes were completed.

* Miss Mabel is a little bored, so she started on a keyboarding class early ;)  She's excited because I received permission from Seton high school counselors to start the high school course in 8th grade and it will go toward a high school credit (elective).

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* peace in the world  (Doesn't it feel more and more like a freak show??)

* priests

* for all of those who have asked me to pray for them

Around the house ~

(I bought this wagon for the summer.  Wowzer!  Walking to the pool with all of our junk just got so much easier!!)

(Swimming lessons for Miss Clementine.  She had been VERY ornery for her sister who happens to be a certified swim instructor, so I had to put her in one of the city classes.)

(Stan the man took a week long basketball camp last week.  He loved it!)

(I repainted this bench.  It was a LOT of work, and the Texas sun started bubbling the paint in one spot.  So I moved it to the porch in the shade.)

From the kitchen ~

Fresh from the garden!!

(The bird netting is working by keeping them away from my tomatoes.)

I am listening to ~

* Miss Ester play the piano

* Olympic trials on the upstairs t.v.  (My swimmer is watching the swimming competition of course.)

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - Thursday - Swim class for Miss Clementine

Monday - I'm taking a friend out for her birthday lunch

Friday - Miss Sally and Ester are going to a lock-in with their youth group.

A final photo to share ~

Miss Sally was  part of a great opportunity by taking part in the North Texas Guard Games over the weekend.  I went for day 1 and chaperoned her overnight, (she was the youngest guard there).

This two day, rigorous competition with elite life guards across all of North Texas was amazing to witness.  Wow!

And guess what?  Our city won!!!

From the city's Facebook page ::

The City of McKinney Lifeguards competed in the 19th Annual North Texas Guard Games in Cleburne yesterday. 
For the 2nd year in a row and the 6th time in the last 11 years, they took home 1st Place! The top 3 teams qualify for the State Lifeguard Competition. McKinney has qualified for the state competition 13 times! 
Way to go everyone!

Isn't that awesome?!?!

Have a great week ahead, all!!

~  Patty  ~


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  2. Is that wagon suitable for kids to ride in too or is it just for hauling stuff? I'm thinking I might need something like that for when we go to the zoo. It looks collapsible, is it?

    1. Just for hauling pool toys, towels, beach bag. I warned my kids that if they would climb into it, they'd better be prepared to pay me the $50 for a new one ;) It folds up slightly, to the size of the box it comes in (which you would see at the store.) You pull the center up and it folds up length wise and has a seat belt type lock to keep it shut.

  3. Hi Patty!
    I think your summer is my fall, right?
    Love you photos, and sharing your days with you.
    Enjoy every day, my friend!

  4. That is awesome. Congrats to your daughter and her team.
    Love that pop of yellow on your porch. It looks great.
    I hope Stan had fun at basketball camp. I think those are great fun.
    You look like you have a couple of serious artists in the house.
    I always enjoy these daybook posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week, Patty.

  5. I love reading about your happy summer in full swing. Abigail is in a crazy amount of swimming lessons this past school year and all summer. I didn't start like you are doing... I waited and now it's go go go on the lessons!

  6. I'm loving that book! Thanks for the recommendation. Bob is in Dallas this week to which my Sarah said can you bring "M" back with you???!! But he was at the airport and 6 people in front of him were upgraded to 1st class he was #7. I said " your story is so similar to the Saint that had to drag herself to eat out of the dog dish. Stay strong." LOL! Poor guy.


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