Thursday, May 5, 2016

To-ma-to To-mo-to

Our square foot garden is growing and today, we found cherub tomatoes!

We planted (2) Big Boys, (1) Heat Master, and (2) Cherub Tomato plants.

The above left picture shows (2) cucumber plants on the top and a baby cucumber plant sprouting.  The bottom (2) plants are green beans.

The above right picture is of our carrots.  We've never planted carrots before, they're growing
so I guess we are doing things correctly??

Moving on...

Those petunias you see?  Well those VERY pesky snails ate them over night.  I cannot stand the snails.  They're so destructive.

We do have (2) green pepper plants growing in the middle of the garden.  The other day I found a fat rabbit sitting and feasting on the leaves of one of them.   If I catch him again, he will be a goner!

David's green beans are doing fantastic!  Take a look ...

Remember that garden he made by up cycling some pallets?

Well, his cantaloupe aren't doing nearly as well.  They're growing, but not like the other garden areas.

This was an updated picture from two weeks ago ::

And the newest picture ::

It looks good, but the proof will be in what it produces I suppose.

Happy gardening, my friends!

~  Patty ~


  1. Rabbits and snails! It looks like it's all thriving.

  2. We just got our garden planted. Yours looks great!

  3. Hi Patty! I love beans, and your plants look so lush and green! I am sorry about those snails and bunnies though. We don't have snails here, I can't imagine how gross that must be, yuck!
    My husband really loves tomatoes (me, not so much), so he would drool looking at all the different plantings. Good luck with your harvest! I remember planting carrots once, they grew, but were very skinny. I hope yours get nice and fat :)
    Happy Mothers Day!!


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