Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ordinary Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

The mocking birds are chirping and the sun is rising as I type.

I am thankful for ~

* Miss Ester's scoliosis team
        ~ Ester will always have scoliosis.  The only thing that would ever permanently correct it is surgery, which is what we have wanted to avoid.  The brace she's worn for almost 2.5 years has successfully stopped her two curves from progressing while she went through her growth spurt.  So, it has been very successful.

* living in an area that is rich in doctors and hospitals

What we are reading ~

I am waiting for a book club, WINE book club,  to begin in June.  We will be reading this::

Stan the man is eagerly anticipating the sequel, The Green Ember Falls (due out sometime in mid-May).

From the school room ~

* We are on week 34 (out of 36), and the kids are moving along at a great pace.  They recognize how how quickly time is passing and soon summer break will be upon us.

* The older two are busy wrapping up their required lab experiments.  They each of one dissection left. (I make David help them with the big dissections.  Yuck.)

* Miss Sally just enrolled at the community college for dual credits.  She plans to take a health course this summer and then a math and science in the fall.

I am praying for ~

* myself.  I leave for a retreat on Friday!

* mothers everywhere

Around the house ~

I found this new coffee cup on Zulily.  I just love it!  It makes that first morning cup of java even more delicious :)

Miss Clementine loves her magnetic play church set by Wee Believers!

It kept her so busy the other weekend while the rest of us were in line for Reconciliation.

(I had found it in a Catholic gift shop in Dallas this past winter, planning to put it in her Easter basket, then completely forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago.  Oh well... It still made a fun surprise one day.)

From the kitchen ~

Every now and then I pick up a box of these ::

The kids love 'em and David refers to them as "carcinogenic starch plains"  (sigh).

I am listening to ~

* the coffee pot and David's eggs frying in the pan

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday - Ester had a successful scoliosis back brace check up

* Wednesday - Clementine's ballet, Confirmation class for me

* Friday - Little Flower/ Little Women end-of-year tea party,  I leave for a retreat

* Sunday - Mother's Day

Last Photo to share ~

Have a wonderful week and a blessed Mother's Day!

~  Patty ~

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