Thursday, April 21, 2016

Square Foot Garden (2016 update #2)

I don't think it looks as pretty without our beautiful, yellow marigolds.

I wish they wouldn't have attracted those pesky snails.

But the garden sure is growing!  Our tomato plants are looking fantastic and have flowers on them.

The green pepper plants are slow growing.

The bean plants are taking off nicely.

I replanted a couple of more cucumber seeds to replace the sprouting ones the snails ate.

The (what appears to be) empty spaces above are actually growing carrots.

They are so tiny!

My goal this weekend is to research which flowers would be most effective in the garden to replace the marigolds.

Hope you are all experiencing good weather where you live!

~  Patty ~


  1. Looks great, Patty. I'm glad YOU know they are carrots. I would have thought they were weeds and pulled them out!
    Happy growing!

  2. Sad about the marigold. I've seen it advertised to be a help. I hope you find a replacement. I considered adding lady bugs to our garden, but haven't tried it yet.


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