Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grammy Bought a Slip & Slide

They have SO much fun on these, but I'm always waiting for a broken bone!

Can you guess which one was a wee bit nervous?

Fun times!

~  Patty ~


  1. I remember all of the grass we were covered in growing up after doing that! But it was so much fun! Now, granted I just shiver looking at these pictures because it is still cold here in MN and got down to 21 degrees just the other night, but summer is slowly coming. I think the girls would love this. Great pictures!

    1. Oh how they were covered in grass :0

      My mom picked this up at Target ($10). They don't last long with the big kids. There was a tear the first day ;)

      My mom enjoyed "thawing" her "old bones" while she was here. It snowed back at her house the day before she flew back.

      21 degrees is COLD! Hope your thaw comes quickly now.

  2. Lots of fun! Did she ever try it?
    They'll get s lot of use out of it thisyear.

    1. Mom can't (too old and has a rod in her back and 2 knee replacements ;) They don't last too long with the big kids, but they sure do bring a lot of laughing!

  3. HI Patty! I remember those days with the Slip n Slide. My neighbor had this brilliant idea of putting dish soap in the rubber mat. When the kids streaked down the hill on the mat, they ended up covered in bubbles. It was hilarious! But unfortunately it had to stop when the grass was dying. Turns out grass doesn't do well with Dawn :)

    I'm a wee bit jealous of the weather...


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