Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Triduum 2016

Wishing you all a happy Easter!  

I LOVE the Easter lily!  It is so sweet-smelling, isn't it?  My mother and grandmother always had Easter lilies in their homes at Easter time.  The tradition continues in mine :)

I hope you all had a glorious Easter Sunday.  Our Easter Triduum was filled with many great memories.

Holy Thursday's Mass of the Last Supper is my favorite Mass out of the entire liturgical year.  Hands down.  It's so beautiful and emotional.

Stan the man has been an alter server for two years, but this year was the first time he served the Holy Thursday mass and he did a magnificent job!

While David had Stan at rehearsal for this Mass, one of the priests had asked David if he would be part of the feet washing reenactment.  My guy was a little anxious about it but was honored at the same time.

 (David is seated on the far right of the picture.)

 Good Friday found the kids and I on the road to Kansas City to visit my younger sister and her family!  David had to work on Good Friday, and trust me, he didn't mind having the house to himself for a few days ;)  I made sure he wouldn't be alone on Easter Sunday.  Friends of ours entertained him, for which I was grateful.

We arrived in time for a scrumptious dinner.  Miss Clementine's Friday highlight was watching my sister give her dogs a bath!  Ha ha!

That night, the older four cousins stayed up late to watch a movie while everyone else hit the sack.

Holy Saturday started out rainy, but the sun came out just in time for the kids to enjoy the day.  The younger four colored Easter eggs while the older four prepped for an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Sunday!

Would you believe that we had eight kids up and dressed and at church for the 7:30 am Easter Sunday Mass??

We woke up to rain and slushy snow!

Miss Clementine was fascinated since the last time we received snow, she wasn't quite 3 years old yet.

My younger sister and I ~

Our road trip was a success!

And now we anxiously await the arrival of my mom on Wednesday!!   She is flying in and staying with us for 10 days :)

Happy Easter!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a special Easter time, Patty!
    So nice to spend with your sister...
    And such beautiful photos... Especially of you and your sister!
    And yay for your mamma coming!!!!

  2. Hi Patty! You and your sister look alike! What a special time for you and your children. Nothing like cousins. I think you should definitely be in the Guinness book of records for getting that many children up and ready for early mass! Yikes!
    I did the church-visiting after Holy Thursday mass. My friend and I were able to make all seven places. It's my favorite part of Holy Week. The churches are dimly lit, candles flickering, Jesus in the Tabernacle.... I love it.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and now on to time with your mom!

    1. Oh Ceil! One of these years I am going to do that!! There was actually a bus load of people from our parish that did this down in the Dallas area. It was $5 for the bus "trip" to each of the seven parishes. What a beautiful pilgrimage you took part in :)

  3. Happy Easter!! I love all your beautiful pictures. You and your sister do look alike! How very special that you got this time together. :)

  4. Lovely, lovely. Have a wonderful visit with your mom! Yeah!

  5. What a beauty filled Easter! I envy all your family relationships. Happy Easter, my friends.

  6. What a beauty filled Easter! I envy all your family relationships. Happy Easter, my friends.

  7. What a special Triduum you had! So many fun memories were made! So glad you got to spend time with family and your sister and you do look alike! Beautiful and radiant! Easter blessings to you!


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